Globetrotting Filmmaker Kylie Flavell
Captures the Beauty of the Amalfi Lifestyle


What does it take to leave the 9-to-5 behind and follow your dreams around the world? It’s something we talk about a lot here at Divine Living, and every time we find another woman entrepreneur who’s made it happen in her own way, on her own terms, we can’t help but be fully inspired.

hack-happy-1Meet Kylie Flavell, a former magazine editor who spent a year teaching herself how to produce, film and edit video before setting off to live a cinematic lifestyle full of romance and adventure. After living and studying in Japan, Paris, Barcelona and Florence, Kylie had returned home to Australia and settled into a traditional office job. However, she couldn’t shake her serious case of wanderlust—or her love for Italy.

Kylie had a vision for creating a travel show that would be more intimate and off-the-cuff than anything else around, but just as beautiful. She figured if she could learn how to do it all herself, she could become the most nimble and innovative production company on the market.

hack-happy-2As Kylie hit the streets of Florence to shoot her first episode, with her film equipment strapped to a bicycle, she soon discovered an even greater benefit to being a one-woman crew. Without an intimidating entourage of camera operators, producers, and sound guys, her interview subjects opened up in a way you rarely see on film. She was able to capture that one-on-one connection that so many of us jet setters live for, inviting her viewers to get to know the locals on a whole new level.

hack-happy-3In less than five years, Kylie has created a stunning collection of videos that will take you from Rio de Janeiro to Morocco to the French Riviera. Her series Hooked Up, broadcast on the Wayfarers youtube channel, has earned over a million views per episode, while her romantic on-the-road cooking show When Patrick Met Kylie was picked up by Nat Geo and the Discovery Channel.

Divine Living found Kylie while researching for this issue—as it turns out, this soul sister shares our love for a little Amalfi Coast town called Positano. We were so delighted to see her recent episode shot here, which is all about a longtime local’s take on living a happy, simple life. Check out the gorgeous video below for a taste of Kylie’s camera magic and get inspired to create your own dolce vita.

Watch Kylie’s
Hacking Happiness EPISODE from
the Amalfi Coast



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