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ummertime and the living is easy (at least easier!). It’s time to embrace warmer weather, fun social occasions, summer outfits and dare I even say it—a delicious glass of rosé!

The month kicks off with the sun, Mercury, and Venus in Cancer: asking you to connect with your femininity, your inner queen and your power. And thankfully, Mars, now direct, helps us all to feel reinvigorated and confident too.

The Fourth of July new moon in the sign of the crab makes an exact trine to Neptune, helping our emotions and spiritual purpose make an amicable alliance with our ego then. Simultaneously the moon also makes an intimate connection to Jupiter too, amplifying prosperity! Yes. On the challenging side, though, it also opposes Pluto. You may not get what you think you want, but you certainly will get what you need.

As the month moves on Venus and Mercury both leave the sign of the crab for the lion, (Venus on the 11th and Mercury on the 13th), turning up the dial on the fun factor. Fabulous, dahling. However, pay close attention to the 16th when the sun squares Uranus, bringing forth a complicated surprise (and perhaps even a twinge of difficulty). As the full moon in Capricorn culminates on the 19th, take good care of you. This full moon emphasizes hard work, security and ambition—but simultaneously since it also squares Uranus, it potentially unleashes a bit of crazy too. My advice to you: embrace the crazy. On the 22nd the sun leaves Cancer for Leo, helping you to step into the limelight. The month ends with an emphasis on play, fashion and feel-good sunshine. Get out there and enjoy it.


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Can I get an Amen?! Your ruler, Mars, finally went direct late last month. While Mars won’t be back to his normal speed until the end of August, I promise, slowly but surely you’ll start to feel forward momentum now. Speaking of momentum, take note of what happens in your life on July 6th, (just two days after the Cancer new moon that lights up your 4th house of home) when Mars and Venus will make a lovely trine, increasing a sense of opulence for you. Though the full moon on the 19th happens in an amicable position to ruling Mars, suggesting support for you, it also creates a taxing angle with volatile Uranus (who happens to be in your sign). You may find that you suddenly need to let go of something that isn’t working in your professional life. The good news is, with Venus, Mercury and the sun all making their way into fellow fire sign Leo this month, you’ll have ample celestial support.
This month, your ruler Venus is on fire. Kicking off the month, she makes a stellar connection with benefic Jupiter on the 1st, allowing you to relish in a bit of luxury (don’t hold back). As the month moves on Venus continues to light up the sky. Pay close attention to what happens in your life on the 6th when she and Mars form a supremely supportive connection, on the 20th when she makes a nice connection serious Saturn, and then again on the 31st when she energizes life with a trine to Uranus inciting brilliance. In the meanwhile, as the sun travels through Cancer (your third house) until the 22nd, you may find yourself taking short trips to enjoy the summer vibes. If so, awesome. The powerful new moon on the 4th energizes your ability to communicate while the full moon on the 19th asks you to let fearlessly go of what’s holding you back from making the impact you desire in the world.
It’s time to get serious about making some money. This month starts out with the sun, Venus and Mercury all traveling through your second house of earnings, blessing you with the opportunity to step up your financial game. The new moon happening on July 4th amplifies this even more, allowing for promising new beginnings with how you honor your value and how you earn. I can’t say it enough; it’s a big moon for you—so do use it positively. Then pay close attention to what occurs in your life on the 8th when ruling planet Mercury works with juicy Jupiter to create even more financial opportunity. As the month moves on, so do the planets. By July 11th, Venus moves into Leo (your 3rd house of communication), and two days later Mercury joins her, amplifying your ability to write and communicate. The challenging full moon on the 19th reminds you to let go of what’s not working. Release. Release. Release.
Happy Birthday! With the sun, Venus and Mercury all in your sign as the month kicks off, I know you feel the love—especially as Venus and Jupiter sextile on the 1st. Hot damn, that’s good. Hosting Venus in your sign until the 11th gives you a boost of popularity, so make your moves early in the month. The July 4th new moon (also in your sign) supports you to implement new beginnings and auspicate your life. Use it wisely. Come the tense full moon on the 19th, you may feel a bit erratic. On this full moon, the sun, moon and crazy-making Uranus form a T-square (an uncomfortable connection). Given that you are lunar influenced, you want to give yourself lots of personal space then to decompress and get centered. The month closes out with lots of support in your second house of money. You’re about to be on a financial roll!
Feeling intuitive?! With the sun, Mercury and Venus moving through your 12th house at the start of the month, inviting you to enter deep into your subconscious, your psychic powers expand. Pay attention to your dreams as they offer you essential insight. Then look out, Venus enters your sign on the 11th (where she stays until August 5th). Hosting Venus in your sign magnifies your ability to manifest, helping you to garner quite a bit of positive attention. On the 13th Mercury enters Leo too, turning up the dial on your social energy. Then last but not least, the sun joins the gang on the 22nd. By then you’ll certainly feel rejuvenated and alive. The full moon on the 19th asks you to take a hard look at your day-to-day life. Things need to change, so don’t be resistant to letting go of what you know you need to then. All of this helps you enter into your next year of life with profound power. Don’t fight the rhythm. It’s setting you up for success. And, Happy Birthday!
It’s time to socialize. This month, as the sun, Mercury and Venus travel through your 11th house—and you host a new moon there too—it’s important to mingle with friends. You are not the most social sign of the zodiac, but you certainly know how to have fun. I highly suggest allowing yourself to let loose a little as the month kicks off. You may even want to host your own shindig. Connecting with others opens you up to potential and opportunity you may have otherwise missed. The full moon on the 19th could potentially cause a bit of volatility in the romance department, but the upside is, it also opens up a ton of potential for creative expression. Stay centered and trust that everything is happening for a reason. As the month ends your ruling planet, Mercury, enters your sign. An aspect that sets you up for success come August.
Hot diggity dang, this month your career catches fire. Amazing. You’ve worked hard, and thankfully now you start to feel supported by the universe. With the sun, Venus and Mercury all transiting your solar 10th house of fame and honors, you finally feel like your career picks up momentum. This is nothing in comparison to what starts in September of 2016 and lasts for one year. However, it’s enough to prime the pump and remind you of your magic. The Fourth of July brings more than fireworks; it opens a celestial window to your biggest professional window. Be confident and claim your dreams. Write them out, say them out loud, and affirm your intended future. The full moon on the 19th does bring with it some challenges particularly on the home front or with family—so don’t be surprised if things feel a bit erratic then. But I promise you have what it takes to navigate the choppy waters. Stay centered and kind.
Hallelujah, Mars went direct late last month and now he’s moving forward in your sign. You’re about to feel a jolt of power that eluded you the last couple of months. With Mars in your sign, July shapes up to be one of the best for you of all 2016. On top of this, hosting luscious Venus in a fellow water sign Cancer until July 11th adds another succulent ingredient to the pot for you. Use it wisely. The new moon on the 4th opens up the potential for long distance travel or even a publishing opportunity. Got your eye on a book deal? Now’s the time to go after it. The full moon on the 19th also amplifies your ability to communicate and express yourself. However, this full moon brings some erratic energy too. Spend some time nurturing your sibling relationships and cultivating your connection with them. With so much positive momentum happening, don’t forget gratitude, meditation and play either! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.
With the season of summer upon us, I know you feel good. As one of the most playful signs of the zodiac the spirit of summer suits your adventurous nature. Yet, while hosting Saturn in your sign, things may feel more like work and less like an adventure. So be it. You are growing and expanding, so don’t resist discipline or a dose of nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic, even though the days are longer, and party invites plentiful. You have two months remaining of hosting Jupiter—your ruler, and the planet of good luck—in your tenth house of fame and honors. And come August, full Monty Mars will move through your sign once again, electrifying every single aspect of your life—especially your competitive edge. So set yourself up for success. Aspects like this are rare! The new moon on the 4th opens up the potential for self-regeneration and finances to flow. The full moon on the 19th also has a financial influence—though it may feel far less expansive. Take the good with the bad, stay centered and get ready for August: a month sure to knock your socks off.
As we settle into summer this month and the sun moves through your opposite sign, Cancer, we surpass the midpoint of the year, (and the halfway mark to your next birthday!) The new moon on the 4th highlights new opportunity for contractual partnership: both business and intimate relationships. Pay close attention to opportunities to join forces with others that pop up in the days following the 4th. The full moon, happening on the 19th, in your sign may feel intense. So take supreme care of yourself the week leading up to it. Nourish yourself mind, body and soul. Spend time meditating and creating sacred space within. You’ll be glad you did, as you access your highest self, and receive massive business and life clarity. Don’t be afraid to pivot and let go of what’s not working. The day after the full moon brings sweet love when Venus trines your ruling planet Saturn. So stay positive and work hard.
With summer here, you may not feel incredibly motivated to focus on your business, but, I highly suggest you do—especially the first three weeks of the month. The new moon on the Fourth of July offers you incredible opportunity to get to work on team structure, day-to-day systems, and incorporate the support you need. It’s not just about running a healthy business; but also a healthy life. Come the full moon on the 19th, your ruler Uranus challenges life, so be prepared to let go of what’s not working. Speaking of your ruler, he goes retrograde on the 29th (he’s retrograde until the end of September). Give yourself some space to adjust to this direction change as the month closes out. The good news is the 31st brings stellar opportunity for you. Pay attention to who you meet the last weekend of the month. With Uranus trining Venus, it sure won’t disappoint.
Last month your ruler, Neptune, went retrograde on June 13th (a position he’ll be in until November). Then four days later, Neptune had one of his hardest meet ups with Saturn, an aspect that certainly may have challenged you to continue to follow your dreams. But truth be told, you’ve rocked out your career so hardcore the last few months that I don’t think much can hold you back now. And July gives you every reason to move forward. The new moon on July 4th offers you the opportunity to dig deep into your creativity and give birth to your best and brightest idea. (On a lighter note, it also heats up the romance department too!) Then the full moon on the 19th brings a big project to finish. This full moon has a caveat though—things may not go as planned. Embrace your go-with-the-flow sensibility then and spend time meditating.

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