Daring to Be Extraordinary
Paris is a City for Dreamers, And No Dream is Too Big

Here at Divine Living we pride ourselves on never being afraid to be too much, too glorious, or too fabulous. So to close out this issue, we’re going for over-the-top in a way that you’ll only ever find in Paris.

We’re taking our cues from a very special leading lady, the inimitable Diana Vreeland. In her legendary career at Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, Vreeland was one of the first Editors who gave women permission to be extraordinary. As creative entrepreneurs and business leaders, there’s a lot we can learn from her life’s work, and personally I choose to live by one particular motto of hers: “Never Be Boring!”

As long as we’re talking grandeur and fashion, it’s the perfect time to dive into the prestigious world of haute couture. I think that women like us who want the best—for ourselves, for our children, and for our communities—can certainly appreciate how haute couture represents the best in Fashion. Making it fresh for today, our Editor-in-Chief Sam Saboura has put together a super fun story on the artistry, history, and meaning of this time-honored French tradition.

I’ve found that one place we can all benefit from a bit of haute style is in our home office. I know that when you’re first starting out in business, working alone at your dining room table in yoga pants all day sans make-up (yes we’ve all been there!), a glamorous office might seem a little far-out. However this situation need not persist! Your home is your castle, and there’s no reason it can’t be an exquisite reflection of you. The age of playing small and scraping by is over! It’s not serving you or your new clients—so why not up-level your workspace as you up-level your success? To get you inspired, I’m introducing a chic woman entrepreneur who’s going to show us how to channel Parisian elegance with your office decor.

I’m also so excited to share the biggest and most elaborate city guide we’ve ever put together, filled with places I’ve personally experienced in Paris and selected just for you, including where I get my hair done, where I recover from jet-lag, and of course all of my favorite fine-dining restaurants. I got to know Paris especially well while attending fashion school there in 2013—and I’m thrilled to tell you that tale as well in this month‘s one-on-one column.

Wrapping the Paris Issue is a dream come true in so many ways. It’s amazing to think that just two years ago, I was launching the Divine Living Academy with my Paris video series, telling my story in the gardens in front of Les Invalides. Reflecting back, I knew I was following my heart, though I could not have predicted all the wonderful places it would lead me! I hope my tales of Paris inspire you to follow your own big dreams this season, because believe me, the world is waiting to see them.

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