Queen, today’s episode is something I’ve been excited about for a long time, and it’s because I’m interviewing one of my closest friends, the amazing, beautiful, badass Lisa Cannon.

For those who don’t recognize her name, Lisa is an award-winning TV presenter, spokeswoman, producer, AND writer. She truly is the personification of the saying “Women can have it all.”

I am completely enamored by her (as you’ll see when you listen to the episode), and I am certain you will feel the same when you get to know her!

Today, she tells us all about her career, how she shines around even the most famous people, and shares with us a tip or two about being confident!

So, grab a glass of wine, have a seat, and tune in now to get to know Lisa!



The Power of Confidence

Lisa has walked countless red carpets and interviewed more stars than you can imagine. And yet, even among those A-list celebrities, she never falters and never loses her confidence. What’s her secret? 

Lisa says it’s one thing, and one thing only: A little bit of no shame. She says her secret is not a secret at all. She simply had to “get over herself” and say no to embarrassment. She’s always irreverent, always open, especially when interviewing celebrities. 

Another quality Lisa has — and most Irish people have — is her friendliness. She loves people, and that shows when she’s interviewing stars. That lovely element disarms others and makes them open up to her. It’s basically a superpower!

She also always keeps in mind that celebrities are, first and foremost, human, like all of us. As she says, they’re simply ordinary people with extraordinary jobs. 

So, yes, maybe you’re not meeting with celebrities every single day, but you can still apply this advice to your personal life. Be yourself and remember that everyone is only human. Some will like you, some won’t, but don’t let it hurt your confidence or dim your light!

That Time Lisa Interviewed Queen B 

A few years ago, Lisa was on a trip with her father to New York. While on her father-daughter vacation, she got a call from her producer asking her to interview Beyoncé, who was in the city as well! Life works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it?

Beyoncé was launching her new perfume, and Lisa had to be there for an interview. Lisa’s dad is an amateur photographer, so she took him with her. To Lisa, this was a pretty intimidating experience. She wasn’t prepared, plus, she had to take her father with her, which many would deem unprofessional.

But this is when Lisa’s confidence kicks in. She just had to say no to shame and do that interview. 

It ended up being one of the best interviews she’d ever done. They just clicked; Lisa says. Beyoncé was super friendly (as a queen would be) and Lisa bringing her father along didn’t faze her the least!

How Lisa Prepares for Her Interviews

Lisa’s job is not always glamorous red-carpet dresses and interviews with A-list stars and Oscar winners. Sometimes, her job means spending all day on Google doing research about the people she’s going to interview.

Lisa already has a lot of knowledge about film, thanks to her master’s in film — which she did in Trinity College in Dublin —. So, that means she already has a basis to work on. She builds on that through extensive research, and this method has proven itself to be foolproof again and again. 

So, yes, Lisa’s success didn’t happen by accident. It’s all based on hard work, and a lot of learning. She keeps up with popular culture, she reads about everything movie and celebrity-related, and she makes sure to never stop growing her knowledge. As Lisa likes to say, she’s a flat-out nerd, and we love her for that!

Where She’s Going

Lisa is producing a brand-new show, and it’s coming out soon! Even while going through a pandemic, she kept working on herself, and she was able to create something new and exciting for all of us!

To Lisa, this has been a healing process. Working on her new show has helped her go through various lockdowns and keep sane during a time when everyone’s mental health is suffering. It gave her a sense of purpose, and for that, she will always be grateful. 

So, if you want to support Queen Lisa, check out her new show, Spotlight. It’s on every Friday on the Daily Mail’s website and on her own platform, so give it a watch and let us know what you think! 


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