Queen, it is time for you to say YES to living your epic life!

Know that the epic life is always available to the plucking, and all you need to do is reach up and take it. Don’t wait for others to do it for you.

Stop limiting yourself! You’re extraordinary, and you deserve to live your legendary life! Raise your hands in prayer and God WILL answer.

God WILL choose you, but first, you will have to choose yourself.

This is why, today, I want you to listen with your heart and not just with your ears. Open yourself to opportunity, and it will knock on your door.

You are only a few steps away from living your epic life, so keep going, and claim it.

And remember, you aren’t on this journey alone!


Key points discussed

Masculine energy vs. feminine energy (03:46)

Time for a prayer (06:14)

The importance of getting the truth (07:52)

Keep yourself out of sabotage (27:43)
The disease to please – It’s time for a cure! (33:41)

Focus on freeing yourself (40:09)

You are POWERFUL! (46:35)


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