When was the last time you took a deep breath and really felt centered?

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in daily chaos and forget to take care of ourselves. We were told that to achieve our dreams, we need to stay busy, stressed, alone… Well, that’s NOT how we do things around here!

Queen, today we have Sam Skelly here, she’s a force of nature, a breathwork master and an unapologetic Queen.

Sam is all about embodying our true nature and living in alignment with the divine. She will empower you to fully feel and release all those suppressed emotions holding you back. 

We will also talk about Sam’s new book Hungry for Happiness that’s designed to help you get in touch with your body, stop emotional eating, and feel self-love like never before.

After our talk, I realized that breathwork can be an incredible tool for transformation and I want you to receive this blessing too!

“If I want to get into a state of manifestation, I do breathwork!” – Sam Skelly


Sam Skelly and Her Journey to Queenhood


Sam grew up as a child actress and a dancer. She was in the entertainment industry since she was five years old. Growing up, she faced a lot of rejection, comparisons, and body image issues. The rejection was embedded into the fiber of her being and that was just how she experienced life. 

And because Sam was always success-driven, she pushed away those feelings and didn’t process them. Outwardly, she was hitting her milestones, but inside, she was feeling like she was never good enough. 

When she was 18, she started restricting her food and she developed food and exercise addiction. She was on over 50 diets in less than four years!

At that point, Sam was disconnected from her body. She couldn’t tell the difference between emotional and physical hunger cues. If she didn’t exercise for two hours a day, she’d feel like a failure. There was never a moment of relaxation, she just shifted between anxiety and numbness.


A Breath of Fresh Air


It was when she read “Eat, Pray, Love” that she finally acknowledged that she had an issue she needed to heal. The book inspired her to buy a one-way ticket to Bali, and this is where her breathwork journey began.

Already during her very first breathwork class, Sam felt a huge shift in her. For the first time ever, she felt what self-love was like. As soon as she got home, she googled breathwork and found every possible certification that she could get. 

Breathwork became a way for her to heal and connect with her body. It became super easy to tap into the essence of self-love and just naturally feel better. Breathwork allowed Sam to finally integrate all those pieces of personal development she had going on before that.

Her first breathwork class was ten years ago, and this is when the hunger for happiness story started. Today, the book is coming out, and it presents incredibly powerful tools that can help people get over emotional eating and body image issues.


What’s Breathwork All About


Every single human has the power to make their life more magical by integrating their breath. We were all born with the ability to use our breath to regulate our nervous system. Breathwork helps us become aware of our breathing and it takes us from the surface level deep into the place of intuition and clarity.

In essence, there are two types of breathwork. There’s breathwork for transformation and breathwork for relaxation. Breathwork for transformation means placing the body in an altered state of consciousness, a place where time collapses. We just breathe and we feel embodied. The breath is clearing and unbinding stuck energy and emotion in the system and creating more spaciousness in our bodies.

Think of it as the most intense meditation you’ll ever do. And here’s why. When we’re meditating, we have to get through our rational minds. For someone who’s never done spiritual development, that’s a really tall order. But when we breathe, the breath helps the mind release thoughts. We don’t have to focus on “not thinking”. It just happens naturally, our breath does it for us. 

And if you do five or ten minutes of breathwork before the meditation, then the meditation itself becomes deeper, longer, and more satisfying. 

Breathwork is the most natural way to regulate our nervous system. It’s why we have the breath. 


The Three Pillars of Connection


We are connected through our mind, emotions, and intuition. The mind is constantly giving us information, thoughts, fears, comparisons, judgment, and separation. When it comes to emotions, we often recognize them as a rollercoaster we struggle to control. The third pillar, intuition, that’s a place of clarity, truth, and alignment—we all want to be there. 

Breathwork can bypass the mind, shift the emotionality, and get us in the clear. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious, you can use your breath to get back into your body and feel strong in your center. 

When you do breathwork, you access your intuition and get the power to discern between what’s important and what’s not so important. You gain clarity and decision-making becomes easy and enjoyable.


Taking the Breathwork Mainstream 


Sam deeply believes that there’s nothing spiritual about breathwork. It’s a natural process that everyone can master. Her mission is to remove the spiritual elitism around breathwork and give people the tools to relax and take control of their bodies. 

As soon as she discovered breathwork, Sam knew she would have to spread the word far and wide. Her mission is to make breathwork accessible for every single person. In fact, in a couple of weeks, she has an app coming out!

The app will help you find peace and transformation through two sections. You can either take a breather and relax or do the deep, longer breathwork that leads to transformation. It’s a tool you can access whenever. And the best part? Breathwork gives you an instant result. You immediately feel more relaxed, more connected, more stable. 


How to Use Breathwork to Manifest Your Dreams


Of course, I needed to know if breathwork can be a tool that helps us manifest all things Queen. Sam explained that through breathwork, we can actually access the ultimate truth of our desires, beyond our structured mind. 

Whenever she wants to get into a state of manifestation, she does the breathwork. It helps her bypass the mind and find the real questions and the real answers. After you do breathwork, your mind isn’t so attached and anchored. Then, you can really dream big and envision even the wildest of dreams come true. 


Hungry for Happiness: The Book


Why does someone struggle with emotional eating and body image issues? This is the question Sam Skelly resolves in her “Hungry for Happiness” book. 

If you’re human, chances are, something in your life traumatized you, no matter how big or small. Wherever the trauma hit, that part of yourself became frozen and underdeveloped. We all have so many of these parts that need love and nourishment. And when we fail to stabilize and evolve, these parts become our pain points, we get triggered, and we react from the maturity level of that part. 

Whether we eat to numb our emotions, complain about life all the time, or feel the need to please everyone, unless we deal with it, we continue to react like we’re four years old.  The book is about the way in which we can understand and transform these different parts of us. 

Because Queen, we’re evolved. We have the capacity and the ability to reparent ourselves. We can create alignment. We can become trigger-free. We can live like Queens, every day of our lives. That’s what Sam Skelly’s book can help you accomplish and that’s exactly what I want for you!


Are you excited to try Sam’s breathwork methods? I know I am! Find more info about breathwork along with Sam’s programs on her website and make sure to get her new book Hungry for Happiness!

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