Queen, what’s your relationship with support? Are you giving yourself permission to be worthy? Or are you still thinking you have to do everything by yourself? Today I want to dive deep into this topic and show you how to become a Queen who graciously accepts support!

Whether you need support in your business, around the house, or you want to feel supported by a community, it’s time to unapologetically ask for it. We Queens are great at giving, but now is our time to receive. 

In this episode, I’m talking to all you Queens who are struggling to receive inspiring clients and great team members, but these concepts apply to every area of divine living. Once you allow yourself to receive support with one thing, you transform everything else. 

But how do we reprogram ourselves and become great at receiving support? Tune in to find out!

Key points discussed

  • The concept of receiving and a short meditation (00:56)
  • Allowing myself to receive financial abundance (04:43)
  • How I finally started attracting ideal clients (08:11)
  • Here’s why I struggled to find a great team (12:18)
  • Where do you need to be supported right now? (18:29)
  • As an entrepreneur, you don’t need to martyr yourself (23:07)
  • Understanding exactly what kind of support you need (27:37)

Additional resources

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