Today I’m delighted to introduce my friend and mentor Jennifer Racioppi. She is a very experienced success coach and an astrologer, and Queen, to tell you the truth, I don’t know where I’d be without her! Jen is a source of infinite feminine wisdom and today we talk conscious creation, lunar cycles, and her new book, “Cosmic Health”.

Jen is one of those rare Queens who just shines this clean energy, she is a guiding light for so many, her feminine power is in full bloom. She lives her life following lunar cycles and staying in touch with the deep well of spiritual femininity.

In this episode, she shares the principles of conscious creation that are aligned with the divine truth and the higher purpose. She also shares an astrological sneak peek into 2021, so make sure to tune in! 


Who Is Jen and How She Started Her Journey

Jen says she’d become an astrologer almost by accident. This was never her goal, but as it happens in life, we are often presented with a path that’s destined just for us. And as Jen says, you can either rise to it or avoid it. Her life was such that she couldn’t escape her curriculum.

When she was a teenager, Jen was diagnosed with cancer and she had a radical hysterectomy before she turned 20. Her trajectory completely changed as she was now stuck into the deep end of menopause as a teenager. 

As she was going through the aftermath of that radical shift, her only prayer was: “This shall not be in vain.” Whatever it was she was going through, she dedicated it would not be wasted. She prayed to God to guide her and use her, and she believes that if we approach hardships with this prayer, everything becomes easier.

This prayer can help us embody the lessons we’re meant to learn and it makes us a useful instrument in the service of others. That’s exactly what happened to Jen as she was introduced to the practice of working with lunar phases, as a way to replace what she lost with her menstrual cycle. 

This was 20 years ago, and today, she can see that everything that happened led her to become who she is today. And who is Jen today, exactly?

She’s an incredibly emphatic, compassionate, and feminine success coach who helps ambitious women find the essence of their soul inside their work. She helps women like you and me find their purpose, their passion, their becoming, and use that divine path to bring a greater world for everyone.


The Big Lessons of 2020 and What Lies Ahead

If Jen had to use one word to describe 2020, it would be transformation. We are in a period of change and upheaval. 2020 was a year where many game-changing transits were happening at once. It was a year that got us back to the basics of who we are and what we want. We were called to shred old identities and work towards who we’re meant to be. 

As we go into 2021, we have to mention the big Saturn Jupiter conjunction on the December 2020 solstice. This marked the beginning of a brand new cycle. We’re leaving behind everything that was in service or ego or materialism, everything that lacked a sense of soulfulness, and we’re entering the age of freedom and creativity.

The invitation is for us to find our creativity and begin using it to shape our communities in a different way.

But, I wanted to know, does that mean we wouldn’t be making any money?

Jen explained that discarding materialism doesn’t mean going back to suffering as the noble path. But, what we do need to make sure is that our contributions are true. Whatever we create, it has to serve a higher purpose and be filled with a sense of meaning.

Our creativity should be regenerative as opposed to extractive. If we’re using our entrepreneurial creativity, we need to make sure that we’re not going down the path of burnout and acquisition without a sense of soulfulness involved. 

The way we collaborate with others should be in alignment with the world. The mentality of “take, take, take” has to be discarded, both in relation to the world and ourselves. Our task is to be of service to all beings, and that includes ourselves too. We are now called to create from a divine source. 


How Lunar Cycles Work in Relation to the Feminine

Before the calendars, as we know them today, people were more in tune with the Moon. It’s a dance with the Earth and the Sun includes four major phases that create a beautiful rhythm of life.

A new moon is always a new beginning, a time to make wishes and set intentions for the month ahead. 

Then we have a waxing moon, a time when the Moon is growing and everything in life is ramping up. The full moon is when everything accumulates and we see results and fruits of our wishes.

When the Moon starts waning, we are invited to let go and relax as we prepare for the next new moon and another fresh start.

Following this feminine cycle, we allow ourselves to work with the natural flows and conscious creation is a direct result of that.

But, more than that, we need to be very direct and focused about what we want to create. We need to physically create a space for it and establish a clear boundary with everything that occupied that space before. 

When you embark on a path, you have to do it thinking only of what comes next. And that’s going to be your dream coming true or something even better. But, the key here is to take that risk on behalf of who you really are. 


“Cosmic Health” as Your Guide to Working in Sync With the World

Jen’s new book “Cosmic Health” covers the topic of lunar cycles in much more detail and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! But, I wanted to know what cosmic health means exactly.

Jen explained that cosmic health is all about working rhythmically. It means being in alignment with all seasons and cycles of life and knowing that we’re constantly involved in this dance with our bodies. 

This knowledge empowers us to manage our energy in a way that’s restorative, regenerative, and a blessing for our bodies. 

It’s a book coming straight from Jen’s heart. It brings her personal story, stories of her clients, the feminine mythology, stories of planets, as well as modern-day science, so we can incorporate all this vast knowledge into our healthy, abundant lives.

Additional resources

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