Queen! Welcome to a very special conversation with one of my besties, Jill Stanton. Jill is a business mogul, formerly of the Screw the Nine to Five, where she was helping online course creators and coaches start their own businesses. These days, she’s proudly launching the Millionaire Girls Club. 

We could go on and on about Jill’s business successes, but today we’re talking about girlfriend connections, taking risks, big thinking, women and money, and how to show up as your genuine, amazing self.

Jill was one of the first girlfriends to pull me out of my involuntary social isolation and she’s been such a divine presence in my life. 

In this conversation, we bring you the dazzling world of feminine entrepreneurial spirit and Jill explains what’s the secret to connecting unapologetically successful women who want to 10x their wealth, connections, and impact!


Jill’s Advice on Reaching out to People You Don’t Know


First things first: never approach someone with a motive. If you come in looking to get something out of the connection, the relationship will start off on the wrong foot. This is one of the mistakes Jill’s seen when people try to build relationships with power players or famous entrepreneurs. 

Instead, Jill invites everyone to explore different ways they can show up for the other person. Take an active interest in their likes and hobbies, learn more about the person, and find things to do together. 

Even with entrepreneurs you admire, don’t put them on a pedestal and approach the situation like a fangirl. All of us have our own insecurities and struggles. Detach yourself from the “us vs. them” mentality—this is where the real magic happens.


Show up as Your Most Authentic Self


You don’t have to be someone different to get the success that you’re looking for.

People often fear criticism. Showing up as you truly are is a massive act of courage that will not only open doors for you, but boost your confidence to the sky. 

You do yourself a disservice when you try and control how people see you. No matter what, you’ll never be satisfied with it because it’s never actually you. Then you end up keeping up appearances and draining your energy without any real need. 

Showing up as yourself, flaws and all, is the only way to build meaningful and strong relationships.


Why a Smaller Audience Can Be a Great Business Advantage


Today, being authentically yourself is more important than ever. In the online world, ego and marketing are taken to an extreme. So many people fake perfect lives, and many of us tie our worth to vanity metrics. 

The fact is, numbers don’t mean much. In 2018, Jill went ahead and deleted over 30,000 subscribers from her list. Why? Because she wanted to keep a connection with people who actually engaged. New entrepreneurs often get wrapped up in the size of their list, but Jill advises the approach that favors humans over numbers. 

A small community that’s passionate about your brand and regularly engages with your content is much more worthy of your attention than faceless lists of million email addresses.

Plus, with a smaller list, you as an entrepreneur have an opportunity to initiate and develop stronger relationships. You get all the questions, all the feedback, and you develop a precious understanding of your audience. 


What Is the Millionaire Girls Club and Why Jill Decided to Go for It


The Millionaire Girls Club is just about to launch, but Jill’s had this idea since early 2019. Before she could manifest it, she had to get over some internal roadblocks. Because of her childhood, she had an ingrained belief that she wasn’t smart enough to teach. Once she’s become aware of it, she could finally let go. 

She also wanted to do something that was just going to be her own thing. The Millionaire Girls Club will be a place to talk about upgrades and beliefs that help women shift into seven figures. Like that’s it. 


The Inner Game Strategies to Get You From Six to Seven Figures


Risk tolerance, worthiness, and letting go of control are all important factors that are needed to make that shift. But the most important one?

Spending money. What Jill experienced before she took her quantum leap was a new level of scarcity. Once you make a lot of money, you suddenly start guarding and hoarding it. Especially women, we rarely give ourselves permission to play with bigger financial numbers. But to scale a business, you must also scale your expenses.

The question is: Are you playing the game to win? Or are you playing not to lose? As you expand your energetic capacity to spend more and serve more, it calls a different level of you forward. You have to up your game operationally, energetically, you even have to up your communication style. As you invest more, you also grow more.

Money is a tool we use to have a bigger impact. As entrepreneurs, the world needs us more than ever. We’re huge drivers of the economy. We’re creators. We’re the innovators. We’re the dreamers. When we forget that and we start to look for the safe option, we grow smaller. 

And really, the safe option only seems safe at first glance. How much is it really costing you when you don’t invest, when you don’t expand, when you don’t reach out?

Allow yourself to be seen in all your glory and all your flaws and all your uniqueness. You will notice so much magic come into your life, in the form of who you become as a result of taking that courageous action. 

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