Today you’re going to be reminded of your greatness, importance, and the fact that the best is yet to come in your life. My guest is Marshawn Evans Daniels, an extraordinary woman and my immediate soul sister. This is the woman who has really done the work of personal development and who has an incredible depth of wisdom.

Marshawn is a reinvention strategist and first-generation millionaire, who mentors women around the world to live bolder and believe bigger. She has had so much success in her life and we’ll get into all that in the show. Marshawn has also been through some challenging times and I was so honored that she decided to share her trials and lessons with us today. 

She is a deeply spiritual and wise woman and I must warn you – you will listen to this episode again and again. Relax and get ready for some serious transformation, inspiration, and truth coming your way.

How It All Started

Marshawn’s journey started in 2009. She was engaged to be married and she was running a sports agency. She had signed major NFL and NBA players and she was wildly successful. At the time, she thought that all of her faithfulness to God had paid off. She did everything right and now she was going to marry the love of her life.

The man she was going to marry had three kids and Marshawn decided to close down her agency and dedicate herself to family. She reassigned all her clients and was getting ready for the wedding.

It was a Monday morning before a Saturday wedding. Everything was set up and paid for, the cake, the flowers, the venue. And it was that morning that Marshawn found out her fiance was cheating on her. 

She was suddenly in the middle of wedding preparation, with her business closed down. She went all in. Marshawn had no plan B – she had faith and love to fully jump into her new life. She had opened her heart completely and the person who was supposed to guard it betrayed her.


How Marshawn Reinvented Herself After a Disruption

It took Marshawn years to heal. It’s easy to look back and wish none of it happened. But, today she understands that her experience changed so many lives. That event showed her she wasn’t as spiritually attuned as she needed to be. The thing was, she was so successful that she didn’t notice her life was out of sync.

So that disruption was actually a blessing in disguise. It taught Marshawn to embrace disruption as a key to reinventing herself. Disruption was God’s primary classroom that pulled her into her purpose. It took her out of her formed identity and shifted her into her born identity.

Reinvention really isn’t about doing something new or becoming something new. It’s about aligning with your original design. It’s about becoming who you were always meant to be.  


Getting an Answer from God

After it all happened, she couldn’t help but ask God for guidance. She heard a clear voice and her new mission: “This happened so you can be able to change the lives of women like never before”. 

At the time, this didn’t make any sense to her. But, she knew this was the most important thing she could have received, and that’s how her book “Believe Bigger” was born. Having gone through what she’s gone through, Marshawn can help women reinvent themselves today. She’s deeply faithful and her life is aligned with her higher purpose.

She has an amazing husband and has become a mom to triplets. She couldn’t have scripted any of it. And whatever you’re going through right now, you can’t script it either. 

You really don’t have to because God is a much better author. But, he does require us to believe bigger than what we’ve been through. 


The Biggest Thing We’re Suffering From Is Broken Identity

When Marshawn was talking about born and formed identity, I had to know more. There are so many women silently suffering without realizing what it is they need to do to reinvent themselves. 

In Marshawn’s view, we live in a world where everything looks great. But, everything looks the same. On social media, everyone posts similar content, everyone’s website looks the same. Everyone’s pictures look the same. 

The thing is, we are a blueprint, not a reprint. And as we’re reprinting, we’re taking somebody else’s revelation, their courage, their adventure, and their creation, and saying: “Oh, I can do that, too.” 

What we should be doing is finding the discipline to go in pursuit of God. What does he have planned just for you? 

Before you ask that question, you need to understand that you’re a unique expression of an idea of God. You represent God’s identity. None of us should look alike – there’s room for all of us. God is the beginning and the end, he is limitless. And if he’s in us, we are limitless too. 

If we want to stop that reprinting process, we need to realign with our born identity and disregard our formed one. This is where disruption comes in handy.


Abundance Truly Is an Inside Job

Marshawn wrote “Believe Bigger” to tell the truth about what it means to step up to your purpose. It’s not just about a pretty website. It’s not just about turning your passion into profit and these fancy phrases. 

It’s about this one question: “What is required of me as a woman to become what heaven actually needs?” 

What is your relevance to the Kingdom? 

Marshawn believes that the reason people don’t step into what they desire is because of their inability to believe at the level of creation. Her mission is to help you believe bigger and find your true purpose.

Queen, this was truly an amazing interview! Marshawn is simply formidable. Please do yourself a favor and go listen to the full episode to get Marshawn’s wisdom directly into your heart!

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