Queen. If you are finally ready to truly commit to your passion and drop all excuses, then today’s episode is a must-listen for you. If you’ve been dabbling with or wondering who your ideal client is, this episode and my new program will answer that. Today I am giving you a segment from one of my live challenges where… Let’s just say it like this: I brought some serious dazzle. 

I was just felt so led to remind each and every one of us that our time is now. We don’t need to overcomplicate business. There is a simple formula to figuring out what you’re meant to do, and that’s exactly what you’ll get today. And mostly, this episode will show you how capable you are of putting yourself in the big game. Not just getting your feet wet, but really showing up for you, your business, your future clients, and ultimately, your purpose and your destiny. 

So sit back, take a listen, enjoy, absorb and then take action. Queen, take action. The time to discover your calling and make a business out of it is now.

Key points discussed

  • Inner game is important but don’t get stuck there (00:00)
  • The answer to everything: you hold ALL the power (10:26)
  • Drop the fear, the excuses, and the self-obsession (14:57)
  • Only 5% of you will do something with this (20:54)
  • If you can help one person, you can help thousands (29:31)
  • How to communicate like a Queen (36:12)
  • Create a sense of certainty by relying on experts (42:38)
  • It’s time to finally get the business you deserve (53:49)


Additional resources

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Think about it… If you don’t take action on behalf of your dreams, where will you be a month from now? Five months from now? Or even a year from now?

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I’d be so honored to hear your takeaways! Screenshot this episode and tag me on Instagram at @ginadevee. Let’s get talking, my dear Queen!

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