Are you ready for a financial uplevel? Do you want to expand your wealth consciousness and live in abundance? Queen, you know I’ve completely transformed my money story. In this episode, I will help you open up and receive all the wealth God has in store for you!

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it sure makes life easier. For us Queens, money gives us the opportunity to fulfill our desires and bless all the lives we touch. I want you to understand one thing: money is not evil, just like water, air, or sun aren’t. They’re all resources that we deserve in our lives. 

So many lies are spread through the scarcity mindset that we can’t help but hold ourselves back when it comes to money. Queen, that ends now. There is NOTHING wrong with women having, investing, saving, or making money! We are all children of God and we are all on our value-driven missions, contributing to society. 

So, I want you to drop all those lies you’ve been told and embrace the abundance that you deserve! Tune in to find out the spiritual truth about manifesting money and how to ask the right questions from God. 

Key points discussed

  • All the scarcity lies end right here, right now (00:53)
  • Financial abundance allows you to focus on things other than yourself (03:26)
  • There’s so much good we can do with money (06:20)
  • God is not a God of lack (09:32)
  • How to drop the limiting beliefs you have about money (11:02)
  • Wealth consciousness levels you up in every way (14:22)
  • You have an opportunity to bless thousands of lives (18:22)
  • It was God who gave you these desires (21:24)
  • Let us pray in gratitude (26:48)

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