Back in the Flow


How I Felt Alive & Of Service
Through a Time of Loss

Last month, I shared with you a letter I wrote in remembrance of my sweet dog Ginger. Her passing was unexpected and deeply upsetting. It was my first time experiencing the loss of a loved one along my entrepreneurial path and feeling the challenge of upholding my responsibilities to my team and my clients while honoring my feelings and grief.

The day I found out Ginger made her transition, I felt a swirl of emotions. Part of me wanted to ignore and resist these deep, painful feelings. I saw how easy it might have been in that moment, to push them aside and distract myself with busy work. Instead, I’m grateful that I took the time and space to really feel them. I slept late, journaled, cried and gave myself full permission to grieve, face my emotions and just be.

After a few days like this, I don’t think I expected to wake up and still feel intense pain. I honestly didn’t know what to do. There were projects that needed me to move them forward and tasks I needed to get done, but I felt paralyzed, like my energy was totally stuck. I just didn’t feel like doing anything.

Asking for Divine guidance, I quickly received my answer. “Go be of service.” I remembered to open up my focus and think about why I started my business in the first place. Rather than stay stuck in paralysis and pain, for the next couple of days I would wake up and think, “What do my clients need right now? What’s going to be in service to them?”

btd-quoteEven though I still couldn’t figure out how to move forward on certain projects, I found plenty that I could do to serve my clients from an authentic place. I wrote, got on social media, and did live broadcasts and video shoots to connect with my people. The work didn’t feel like a distraction or a deflection, it felt like something that was helping me to be alive during a painful and difficult time. It allowed me to start moving the energy and to ultimately become unstuck again.

In showing up for my community and my clients exactly as I was, I found so much strength in them. When we create passion-based businesses and work with people we love and appreciate, we get used to being the leader and being there for them, so it was amazing to feel how much the community is actually there for me too. (Thank you all so much for your comments, letters and messages—your support means so much to me!)

We all go through different kinds of pain in life and I think no matter what our pain is, there are always other people out there who need what we have. Whether we’ve lost a loved one, had our heart broken or are dealing with fears and financial struggles, we always have the opportunity to go be of service and share our message with others.

I definitely plan on remembering this lesson the next time my emotions are feeling heavier than I can lift alone. I encourage you all to try it as well. You don’t have to go make a six figure donation to be of service—you can go shoot a quick six minute video on your iPhone. You can go write six paragraphs and send it to your list. Sometimes the best way to gather strength is to give, connect and express, so that you can honor your pain with the flow of love.

  All My Love,



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