The Entrepreneur Abroad
Living, Working & Playing
in a Foreign Land

To close out our Vienna Issue, this week goes out to those of us who dream of a jet set lifestyle—or maybe even having a home base somewhere glamorous across the globe.

Because I know there are plenty of proud (or aspiring!) expats in the Divine Living community, I’m excited to introduce you all to the Women of Vienna. Started by two Americans less than five years ago, this network of English-speaking women now numbers 5000. In our interview with Co-Founder Betsy Atkins, we find out how this fabulous community has been so successful in helping women thrive in a foreign land.

Meanwhile we also have a special guest story from Betsy’s partner-in-crime Michelle Terese Hrvat, who’s sharing her best advice on how to live abroad. It’s all about cultivating inner strength and growing past the challenges that come with leaving all you know for a new place.

If you’re dreaming of a life hopping from one incredible city to the next—six weeks here, two months there—you’ll also want to check out my seven things I wish I’d known when I first started my business. It is possible to start living your dream jet set lifestyle even faster than I did and in this story I’m sharing what it takes to get you there.

Speaking of jet setting—if Vienna is calling your name, the latest DL City Guide has you covered with the best places to stay, shop, dine and unwind. We’ve felt right at home among the city’s luxe imperial sensibilities and naturally, we wanted to better understand what being an Empress is really all about. Curious? Don’t miss Keeping Up with the Habsburgs to learn about the intriguing exploits of Europe’s most famous dynasty.

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