How I Learned to Get Out of My Head and
Follow My Heart’s True Desires


By the time we reach adulthood, most of us have lost touch with the knowing of our hearts. We’ve been taught to make decisions and choices with our heads, planning out our every move according to what we know is safe, reasonable and plausible. This linear, masculine way of doing life is expected and encouraged of pretty much everyone in society, so the habit can become deeply ingrained—especially in men.

That was the case for me when I first met Gina. Up until that point I had created a certain level of success, always using my head. I knew how to consider, analyze, plan and take action because that was the way goals were accomplished. So to now be around someone who seemed to defy this tried-and-true procedure created a bit of an internal dilemma.

Early in our relationship, Gina’s business was just starting out, but she had already discovered the power of living from the heart and was deeply committed to it. For me, it was distressing to watch my partner make choices that didn’t seem to make rational sense, and concoct plans that appeared totally far-fetched according to how I understood the world.

glenn-quote-1Take for instance, the time Gina announced she was going to St. Tropez. We had been together for several months at that point and had become very close, but when she professed her grand Riviera plans I couldn’t help but shake my head. Obviously, it wasn’t going to be cheap and as far as I knew, Gina was no millionaire yet.

When she invited me to come along I thought, “There couldn’t possibly be the money for that.” My mind immediately started spinning, thinking through bank account balances and upcoming bill payments. Meanwhile Gina didn’t seem worried about that stuff all. In fact, she was confident she would find a client there and imagined she would actually end up making money off this extravagant trip.

It all sounded crazy to me. I felt irritated as I watched her go, light as a feather, blithely disregarding my concerns. A few days later she called me from whatever fabulous hotel she was staying at to say that, not only was she having a fantastic time, but she had met a woman at the hotel bar and signed her on as a client. It was a $20K coaching package—Gina’s largest individual sale to date. I was in total disbelief. The new client even lived in Los Angeles…where we were living at the time!

You’d think that would have been enough to convert me, but I still didn’t fully get it. Fast forward eight years, and my frustration had only escalated. Gina and I were now married and in business together, so it was all the more challenging for me to go along with the flow of spontaneous, seemingly outlandish ideas now that I felt a high level of responsibility. Surely if we were to have a successful, stable business, we needed more planning, more forethought and more strategy, right?

glenn-quote-2Because of our opposing world views, conflict brewed. So I took some time to look at what this dilemma was really all about for me. I rewound the tape and thought back to that first trip Gina took to St. Tropez. And I started to see a very interesting pattern to the way the whole business had unfolded. I realized that Gina had tapped into a different way of living life, and that her every move began with a connection to her heart and to spirit.

I recognized how much good this process had created in our lives and in the lives of so many other
women. Unlike me, Gina didn’t need to know the “how” in order to run confidently in the direction of her dreams—she only needed to hear the calling. She would journal, meditate and pray to get in tune with her true desires, asking God to reveal the best way for her to touch women’s lives and serve the world.

Watching my soulmate take on every day with a sparkle in her eye and a spring in her step, I noticed that this way of living was a lot more fun and a lot less stressful. All of my frustrations became nonsense as I acknowledged that my need to plan and think and know was only holding me back from fully enjoying my own life. These days I aspire to live from my heart too. I may not know exactly what’s coming next, and without a doubt there will always be challenges, but I know that it’s going to be a great adventure—so why try and control it?

I’ve learned to have faith in the creative process and the way it begins—not with metrics, trends and market analysis, but with Divine inspiration. When I hear a “crazy” idea from Gina (or from myself!), I no longer get caught up in the “how,” because I know that when we’re in alignment with our true desires, the Universe conspires to bring us exactly what we need to take the right action. Despite my best worrying, the pattern has shown me that the “how” always takes care of itself.

glenn-quote-3It’s been a 12-year journey, but I’ve come to believe that living from the heart is actually the healthiest, most energetic way to do life. The experience is in close proximity to the feeling of being in love all the time. When you get out of your head and get back in tune with your true desires, you stop being weighed down by the world’s limitations, and the ones you’ve subconsciously set for yourself. You know that anything is possible, and that knowing is infectious. At the end of the day, the expansive vision of your heart is the most powerful place from which to make a difference in people’s lives.



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