The Beauty of
New Beginnings

Starting the Season Stronger Than Ever

As summer officially turns to fall, it’s time to close out the Provence issue on a miraculous note. September brings with it a new cycle. If you remember Jen Racioppi’s horoscopes from the top of the month, the theme was “out with the old and in with the new.” Perhaps this weekend, we’ll find ourselves reflecting on all that we’ve let go of—and all of the spectacular opportunities that now await.

As you step into the exciting unknown, I hope this week’s stories empower you to follow your heart. Opening up the conversation, my husband and our CEO Dr. Glenn A. Sisk shares his journey from being a man who lived in his head, to learning to trust his desires. Find out why he now believes living from the heart is the healthiest way to do life, even when you don’t know where exactly it will take you.

My husband will tell you that I’ve inspired him with my own heart-led ways, but rest assured going after a big, bold dream can be scary no matter how strong your trust in the Universe. When you feel like you don’t know exactly how to make something happen and everyone is telling you you can’t, feeling fear is natural—and it happens to me, too. In this week’s Behind the Divine, I’m sharing how I find the courage to stand by my dreams even when they feel out of reach.

One thing that always helps, is reading about the women who’ve already done what people call impossible. This week I’m delighted to introduce Laura Vidal and Julia Mitton, two women entrepreneurs who’ve built their dream restaurant business around their desire for travel, collaboration, flexibility and freedom. In our interview, the Sommelier and General Manager behind the Paris Popup divulge what it takes to run their fabulous globetrotting kitchen.

Whatever you desire to create in life, whether it’s a restaurant or a clothing line or a software company, I feel it’s my duty to remind you all that now is the time for women like us to charge our worth! If you’ve ever found yourself in the habit of discounting your rates (most of us have been there!) check out my story about an eye-opening exchange I had with a flower vendor in a Provençal market and consider whether you’ve been selling yourself short.

If the answer is yes, then please stop depriving and start THRIVING! With so much change in the air it’s important as ever to stop for a moment and celebrate the wins. Foodies—this may be your time to treat yourself to the gourmet magic of truffles with the help of our latest Girl’s Guide. Or, plan your next trip to the South of France with our round-up of the best places to stay, dine, shop, sip and see. Before we leave Provence, make sure to stop in Grasse (the perfume capital of the world) to smell the roses, and we’ll see you next week in London!

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