Why WeWork is the Coolest Global
Co-Working Space Of-the-Moment


A lot has been said about WeWork’s $10 billion dollar valuation, but the company’s success thus far is undeniable. Over the past five years the young startup has opened over 50 locations, hosting 50k members in more than 25 cities around the world—and growing.

members-only-1aMembers get on-demand access to spaces that are as beautiful and comfortable as your favorite restaurant, coffee shop, or hotel lobby, but with all the amenities of a twenty-first century office space. It may be attractive for the cold brew coffee and organic snacks alone, but the amenities are only the backbone of what WeWork is all about: connecting a creative community.

For the jet setting woman entrepreneur, a WeWork membership may be just the thing to place yourself among people who are up to big things in the world. The network includes thousands of independent creatives, startups, small businesses and even companies as big as Red Bull and Lulu Lemon.

No matter what level you’re at, all members enjoy the opportunity to connect, showcase and celebrate, perhaps by hosting a workshop, cocktail party, product demo or industry meet-up. Starting at $49 a month, the basic WE Membership gets you access to the digital member network, invites to exclusive events, the ability to book a hot desk at worldwide locations, plus discounts on everything from gym memberships to healthcare and legal services.

wework-2It’s all the collective benefits of working at a big company, while supporting your independent entrepreneurship and a flexible, global lifestyle. And beyond the basic membership, WeWork offers founders seeking more stable footing dedicated desk space and private offices to serve growing companies of one to 100.

Of all the chic co-working spaces in the world, the beauty of this expansive network is really in the diversity—it’s a mix of industries, experts and resources that crosses cultures, bringing together people from Washington DC and Seoul, Miami and Tel Aviv, London and Los Angeles. This fabulous network understands each other because the end of the day, what connects members at WeWork is a shared purpose: to have a positive impact.


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