Girl’s Guide to
Going Big

How to Work Smarter, Not Harder with the
Right Tools, Tricks & Resources

Going back to Washington has been an amazing reminder of how much the world has changed in the two short decades since I worked for Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff at the White House. Back then, I knew deep down that I wanted to have a big impact in the world and yet I could never have imagined the possibilities that would open up to me thanks to technology and entrepreneurship.

The exciting thing about our current moment is that the possibilities are only multiplying. It seems like every other month new tools, services and communities become available that make it even easier for women entrepreneurs like us to work smarter, not harder. We no longer need to be trust fund babies or overnight gajillionaires to grow our teams, expand our networks and get our messages out in the world. Today we all have access to support and structures that help us thrive.

This week we’re diving into some of the most effective (and affordable!) ways I’ve found for entrepreneurs at all levels to expand their businesses in every direction. To start, I’m introducing you to super successful start-up founder Laura Roeder, whose social media automation tool Edgar is making it easier than ever to grow your audience and drive traffic to your site. In our exclusive interview, Laura tells the story of how she grew her business to $2.7M in annual revenue while on maternity leave— you do not want to miss her fabulous leadership advice.

Next up, this month’s Gina MBA is all about the most affordable way I know to grow your team: starting a high-impact internship program. My days in DC taught me just how much interns can accomplish and years later when launching my business from my kitchen table, it was a team of ambitious college students who helped get me off the ground. Check out the story to learn how we attract, vet and train our Divine Living interns and get my downloadable cheatsheets you can use at your company.

Rounding out the business mix is a story from PR expert Rebecca Rubin, who’s here to show you how to think like a publicist and pitch your story to the right media. We’re also taking a look at the rise of co-working spaces with a story on WeWork—a global community of innovators and creatives that can help you expand your network, find new clients and beat the kitchen table blues.

However it’s never all work and no play here at Divine Living. Once you’ve soaked up all the substance, enjoy a dose of luxe Americana with a very star-spangled edition of Divine Finds and our favorite day trips from DC!

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P.S. We want to know: what tools and techniques have been indispensable to growing your business? Let’s swap notes in the comments!




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