eptember brings significant celestial and planetary influences. Regardless of your astrological sign, prepare for change. Be open to letting go of the things that do not serve you, so you can call in exactly what does. Do not hold on too tightly to what you think “needs” to happen, instead, surrender and trust. By the end of the month, we’ll have the perfect conditions to manifest.

Two powerful eclipses define September: a Solar Eclipse in Virgo on the 1st and a Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on the 16th.

Yet, there’s more.

Mercury travels retrograde in the fastidious sign of Virgo until the 21st. Disciplined Saturn in Sagittarius squares dreamy Neptune in Pisces for the third (and final) time, asking us to get clear on our vision for our future. Good luck Jupiter moves from earth sign Virgo to air sign Libra. Eris and Uranus (two intense change-making planets) align at the same degree in powerhouse Aries for the second time, disrupting the status quo yet again.  Authoritative Pluto goes direct after a multi-month retrograde in Capricorn. Jupiter and the sun conjoin in the sign of Libra creating an auspicious new beginning. And, Mars finally leaves Sagittarius, entering an exalted position in Capricorn.

The theme of the month: out with the old and in with the new. Come the New Moon in Libra on the 30th, one of the best new moons all year year (yes, we have two new moons this month), life will likely look and feel pretty different. Expect it to feel bumpy at times. Embrace your spiritual practices, stay centered, and breathe. This is going to be good. Welcome, the winds of change.


Strategize your Success with the Stars
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Dear Aries, the last few months have challenged you, but finally your ruling planet, Mars is back up to speed—an astrological feat worthy of celebration. Additionally, good luck Jupiter moves this month from Virgo, an earth sign, into Libra, an air sign. As a fire sign yourself you’ll benefit from this. The new moon Solar Eclipse happening on the 1st in Virgo opens up opportunities when it comes to your health, well-being, and daily work routine. Time to get into better shape? Want to employ peak productivity habits? Initiate new behaviors and take actions early in the month. The full moon Lunar Eclipse happening in your solar 12th house will present you with an opportunity to befriend your subconscious, heightening your intuition substantially. Trust it! On the 25th things may feel a bit volatile, despite it boasting some of the best astrological aspects, if so breathe deep and trust that this too shall pass. The Libra new moon on the 30th opens up the doorway to love and partnership, so if you’re single hold on tight. Good things are coming! This is a turning point in your year.
With so many celestial stirrings this month, you may find people leaning on you more than normal. Your steady and stable demeanor provides others with a grounded sensibility—the equivalent of gold this month. If you are a coach yourself, prepare for your client’s highs and lows, and trust everything is working out for the best. Dive deep into your creativity, particularly at the time of the new moon Solar Eclipse at the start of the month. Bust out your paintbrushes, take a pottery class and cook a delicious meal. Tune into your senses. The full moon Lunar Eclipse on the 16th will shake things up massively so keep the reigns loose. I know you don’t like change, but if things need to go, let them. Fabulous news, good luck Jupiter meets up with the sun on the 25th in your house of daily work, right before you have a new moon there too. Look to hire, and expand your operations then. Get clear on your intended desires, as your manifestation powers heighten substantially.
With your ruler, Mercury, retrograde for the majority of the month be prepared to go inward. Mercury retrograde certainly complicates life for you. However, this Mercury retrograde period suggests it may feel a bit like Mercury retrograde “light” since Mercury will be traversing Jupiter, a planet infamously known for gifts and abundance.  Speaking of Jupiter, the ambassador of good luck moves from Virgo into Libra, an excellent position for you. Jupiter in a fellow air sign makes a harmonious angle to your Sun, helping you out immensely this month, especially if you are born in May! Expect big things with your career come the full moon Lunar Eclipse on the 16th happening in your house of fame. Even though you may need to release something of value, trust that it’s for your highest good. The divine new moon on the 30th in Libra opens up the doors to your creativity. Stay grounded and take care of you.
With the new moon Solar Eclipse and Mercury retrograde occurring in your 3rd house of early childhood development, be prepared to go deep within. You may need to hash some things out with your siblings or review (and heal) childhood memories. Consequently, with good luck Jupiter moving from Virgo to Libra, he passes through your 3rd and 4th house cusp on his way into your house of home and family, facilitating even more healing. This therapeutic transit opens up the doors for you to create lasting peace within. The full moon Lunar Eclipse on the 16th occurring in your 9th house of publishing and international travel profoundly pushes you forward. Watch out on the 25th, the day Uranus and Eris meet up– even though this occurs on the same day the sun and Jupiter align (touted as the luckiest day of the year)—you may receive jarring news at work. Don’t worry. This too shall pass. Stay focused on your positive mojo as the month closes out with a divine new moon in Libra on the 30th.
With your birthday behind you, it’s time to get back to work, hopefully feeling incredibly refreshed. With the month kicking off with a new moon Solar Eclipse in your house of money it’s time to prioritize profitability. Use the first half of the month to get serious about your earnings. Are you making enough? Are your margins where they need to be? If not, what needs to change? Set firm intentions to create the wealth you desire. By the time of the full moon Lunar Eclipse happening on the 16th you are going to want to go even deeper. This eclipse falls in your house of joint finances, which represents your banking, credit, mortgage, commissions or money you earn through working with others. Since it’s an eclipse, prepare for the unexpected and key your eyes on the prize: financial stability. The Libra new moon on the 30th, one of the sweetest of the year, offers tremendous manifestation support.
Happy Birthday! The new moon Solar Eclipse in your sign, happening on the 1st of the month, is a total reset for you! This eclipse works to amplify your ability to begin again. Do the work to become incredibly clear regarding what you intend to create. Set firm intentions for yourself as you start this new year. Also, in the spirit of Mercury retrograde, take the time to look backward too, go over the last year. Having had Jupiter in your sign for the previous 12 months, I know life has changed substantially for you. Create space in your life to reflect on what you’ve accomplished. Create a gratitude list. Savor the success you’ve created for yourself. This foundation is about to grow even more. Come the full moon eclipse on the 16th your primary relationship may feel a bit rocky. Trust that whatever comes up then is coming up to be healed. Then, let go because the new moon on the 30th boasts auspicious powers, and it happens in your money house! Need I say more?
Get ready dear Libra, it’s your time to shine. Finally, Jupiter, the planet of good luck, fortune and abundance moves into your sign on September 9th, offering you a level of celestial support you have not felt in 12 years. Jupiter takes up residence in your sign until October 10th, 2017, offering you 13 months to manifest your heart’s desires. On top of that, with the sun moving into your sign later this month, and the auspicious new moon happening in Libra on the 30th, you are ready to make magic. So… prepare. Think thoroughly about what you want this next year of your life to be. This is time for vision boards, affirmations, and anything else that puts you in the mindset of success. Business strategy pays off substantially too. Pay close attention to the 25th when the sun and Jupiter align in your sign. Indeed, a day to pay attention to. If your birthday falls on the 25th or close to it, it’s all the sweeter! Get ready for this new, auspicious cycle.
Prepare to manifest! This month your super powers are on fire. With the new moon Solar Eclipse happening on the 1st of the month in your 11th house of hopes and wishes, you can create your intended results now—especially as Jupiter completes his transit in this part of your chart too. Do not skip out on your new moon intentions at the start of the month. As the month moves on, things do get complicated, especially as we approach the full moon Lunar Eclipse on the 16th happening in your house of creativity. You may need to let go of a creative project to welcome in the new creative abundance you are calling in. If so, don’t hesitate! Now that Mars is moving forward full speed ahead, and heading into Capricorn by the end of the month (an exalted position), things are about to move fast. Use this month strategically and you will not be disappointed.
Ever since August 24th, you’ve been granted green lights to move ahead with your newly defined mission. The new moon Solar Eclipse happening on the 1st of the month in your house of fame and career opens up new pathways for you to express yourself in the world. Fortunately, Mercury in retrograde supports you by helping you review the progress you’ve made so far this year in your profession as well as take a deeper look to see what you need to change! As we move towards the full moon Lunar Eclipse on the 16th, things may feel a bit shaky when it comes to home and family. Trust that whatever is coming up, is happening for healing. Don’t bypass the work. As the month moves on, you are poised to manifest. With Mercury going direct on the 21st, and Jupiter and the sun meeting up in your 11th house of manifestation on the 25th you’ll feel ready to roar. Take advantage.
Holler. Jupiter the planet of good luck, fortune and abundance leaves Virgo this month on the 9th for Libra. While having Jupiter in a fellow earth sign, Virgo benefitted you in many ways, I think you’ll like Jupiter in Libra even better. Why? Jupiter is meant to expand, and Virgo can restrict, which may cause major cash flow issues in business. Libra, on the other hand, the ruler of your solar career line, is more apt to receive and manifest abundance. Further with Jupiter transiting your career line, and one of the best new moons of the entire year happening in your 10th house of fame on the 30th, this month helps you change gears when it comes to your career in the best way possible. On top of that, Mars, the planet of forward movement, enters your sign on the 27th, an exalted position. Things are going to start to flow again—especially as the month closes out.
The month opens up with a powerful solar eclipse in your house of money from others. Even with Mercury retrograde, now is the time to get your financial ducks in a row. Need credit? Want to buy a home? Looking to make more money from commissions? Pay attention to the opportunities that present themselves at the very beginning of the month. This is of particular importance because on the 10th Saturn squares Neptune, which will affect your profitability. It’s time to move in the direction of your dreams. Fortunately, Jupiter, the planet of good luck and good fortune, moves into a fellow air sign this month on the 9th, a highly favorable position for you. Come the full moon Lunar Eclipse on the 16th, be prepared to let go of what’s not working. The month ends on a super sweet note with the new moon in Libra. You’ll be raring to go, so set your sights on your supreme manifestation then.
Get ready to rock and roll. The new moon Solar Eclipse on the 1st of the month opens up the doors of partnership for you. Looking to call in a serious romantic relationship? Use this new moon to manifest. Need a new business partnership? This eclipse will support that desire too. But the focal point for you this month is the full moon eclipse in your sign on the 16th. Until then, turn inward and ask yourself the tough questions. Are you happy? If not, what needs to change? Take good care of yourself. Having a full moon eclipse in your sign may feel draining. So be sure to eat clean, stay away from alcohol and get some extra rest.  The gorgeous and beautifully aligned Libra new moon happening on the 30th opens an incredible opportunity for you to earn more. Until then, release any thought, physical object or circumstances that may hold you back from prospering.

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