How Yoga Teacher Amy McDonald Went from
Struggling Healer to Jet Setting Entrepreneur

amy-1Working an unfulfilling corporate job at home in Australia, when Amy McDonald discovered yoga, she knew she was on a new path. In her practice, Amy found a deeper sense of meaning, purpose and spirituality. She decided to become a yoga teacher and share what she learned with others, but after three years of teaching she just didn’t think it would be enough to replace her regular salary.

Looking to enhance her offerings, Amy decided to go for a life coaching qualification and in 2012, launched her first online business. “I had some success, grew my mailing list and continued to strive for the point where my coaching income would exceed my corporate salary.” Amy tells DLM. “I wanted to reach that ‘sweet spot’ where it would be ‘safe’ to leave corporate. I worked hard. And waited. And waited. And waited.”

“Amy could have worked for years and it might have never been enough.”

At this point I’ve seen enough women get trapped in this loop. Amy could have worked for years and it might have never been enough. The problem wasn’t external—it was internal. Fortunately, after a weekend in Italy with her mastermind group, Amy realized how hard she was being on herself—to the point of repelling success. Returning home totally exhausted, but with a powerful new awareness, she knew it was time to make a change.


In January of this year, Amy gave notice at her corporate job and decided to launch a new service specializing in business coaching for yoga teachers. Living alone in a small Australian town however, she had more than just money fears to overcome. “Part of the reason I stayed so long in my corporate job was because I was so afraid of being lonely as a solo-preneur.”

“My money story was so toxic I wouldn’t even allow myself to have hair!”

For Amy, the desire for community was exactly why signing up for the Divine Living Academy felt like the right move to support her early business growth. “The events and networking would support me in staying connected and feeling like a part of something bigger. And the regular training calls would keep me accountable and give me some structure.”

Of course Amy’s work in the Divine Living Academy went much deeper than structure and accountability. She had a particularly strong money story that needed to be transformed before she could move forward. “I was the woman who had $60k in the bank but would pack a fortnight of food to go on a yoga training. I was so confused about wealth being ‘non-spiritual’ that I had deprived myself of any sort of comfort or beauty for a very long time. I can laugh about it now, but when I first encountered Gina I had a shaved head… my money story was so toxic I wouldn’t even allow myself to have hair!”

amy-3If she was ever going to live authentically as herself and step into her power, Amy’s beliefs about money were due for closer examination. Once she took a serious look at her subconscious mentality, things began to change very quickly. Working through the Divine Living Academy orientation and starting the program this January, Amy was finally able to have some compassion toward herself and look at all the ways she was hiding, depriving and keeping herself small. Being surrounded by a new high-vibrational community, she finally gave herself permission to live in abundance.

“I welcomed my first client in February, replaced my monthly corporate salary in March, had my first $10k month in April and have continued to make more money (with greater ease) each month since then. I’m at the point now where I’ve turned over a full year of corporate salary in just six months, four of which I’ve spent traveling through the States and Europe. I’ve gone from a starving healer to a global yoga nomad…without a threadbare tie-dye garment in sight!”

We’ve been thrilled to watch Amy’s speedy transformation and love that she’s now fully supported in doing meaningful work in the world. Aligning her career with her calling, Amy is now showing so many others that spirituality and financial abundance need not be opposing forces—they can work together. If you’re done depriving yourself of the success you’re meant for, read on for Amy’s top three tips for transforming your money story.




Top Three Tips


Be kind to yourself

Being hard on yourself for being too much of this or not enough of that will only slow you down. Remember to practice Ahimsa, or compassion, with yourself as much as you would with your loved ones. Know that you can only do the best you know to do at the time.

Baby steps are still steps

In Yoga we celebrate the most incremental progress. Sometimes it can take years for someone to finally be able to touch their toes. While we don’t want to be idle, we can still respect and celebrate the smaller steps in our businesses as well. They are all taking us in the right direction. What small thing can you celebrate in your biz today?

Follow your Dharma

Yogis are taught that everyone has their own Path to follow, their own “dharma.” Trying to follow someone else’s path, live someone else’s version of you, pretend to be something you’re not or copy something someone else is doing is a misalignment that will block your efforts and keep you struggling. When you walk your own Path with conviction and faith, the money, success and abundance will flow.


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