It’s Your Moment
Seize the Opportunity for Major Change in 2017

To complete our fabulous month in Miami, this week is all about taking action to create new opportunities for the year ahead. A big way I’ve been doing so lately is simply by making connections with industry leaders I admire. I push myself to reach out even when a meeting seems like a long shot, because you never know who’s going to say yes.

I was initially a little nervous to ask for an introduction to superstar entrepreneur and bestselling author Grant Cardone, but I am so glad I did. I’m delighted to take you behind the scenes of our meeting in Miami and share my advice for how you too can summon the confidence to network up.

I know that just like me, many of you are probably thinking about your next big business move, project, or marketing plan, and wondering where else this year might take you. So we brought in our favorite trend forecaster Lynn Casey to point you in the right direction. Check out Lynn’s top business trends of 2017 now and see where your work fits in to what people are craving.

Let’s not forget all of the fun you can look forward to this year, starting with the chic Super Bowl party you’re throwing next weekend. For the menu, we’ve curated the best Cuban-inspired recipes for a game day feast. Then, dream of your next tropical getaway with our roundup of the most exclusive destinations just outside Miami. And as always, this week’s DL City Guide has all the most coveted restaurants, hotels, spas and shopping for a luxurious stay in the Magic City.

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