“It’s getting high off your own supply” Samantha explains. 

After riding the rollercoaster of eating disorders and damaging body images through much of her younger years as a child actress and performer, Sam was left feeling extremely disconnected from her intuition, body, and sense of self.

Inspired by the movie Eat, Pray, Love she journeyed to Bali to find her own healing where she discovered breathwork for the first time. Although skeptical, she immersed herself in the practice and was immediately hooked as her body responded and she, for the first time, could identify her own intuition.

Today, Sam is the CEO of two multimillion dollar wellness companies, a bestselling author, highly sought after international speaker, and wellness expert with a heart-centered approach to business. She’s a leading authority in healing addiction, anxiety, and mental health all through the power of breathwork.

You don’t want to miss this transformational, insightful, and humorous episode!


  • Samantha’s background and inspiration behind breathwork (8:25)
  • Sam’s pivotal trip to Bali where she first discovered the power of breathwork (11:20)
  • The 3 pillars of connection (16:45)
  • The process and creation behind Sam’s newest Pause Breathwork app (22:23)
  • The correlation behind breathwork and manifestation + how to merge the two (29:44)

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