When does this world ever ask a woman what she wants? We’re constantly living our lives in service to others, being at our highest contribution, forgetting that we too have needs.

That ends now. 

This is the new age of feminine leadership. A time to swing the pendulum back into the values of the feminine. It all begins with our ability to prioritize our desires and get great at receiving them.

Today, let’s clarify what that new world would look like. Let’s tap into our soul and connect with the Divine to unleash the miraculous power within.


  • Get great at receiving your desires without lack or limited thinking (8:42)
  • A guided meditation to prioritize your wants and tap into prosperity (13:02)
  • How to devote yourself to a higher level through journaling (17:23)
  • Your ability to overcome practicality and bend time + space (23:58)
  • Grant the self-permission to rise like the Queen you are through feminine values (26:20)



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