The Mindset that Will
Transform Your Sales Game

Most of us come into entrepreneurship with an idea of what running a successful business will be like. Our beliefs about what it takes to make money actually shape our behavior as businesswomen, directly impacting our potential for success. It’s why a big part of the work I do is in helping women let go of these beliefs and gain clarity on who they really need to be to create the life they desire.

In working with thousands of women, I start to pick up trends and one I’ve been noticing recently is a very either-or mentality. On the one end, women convince themselves success is going to be all feminine energy and flow. As long as they’re in alignment and following their purpose, then everything will be as easy as the law of attraction. On the other end of the spectrum, a woman might just take herself out of the game because she’s so afraid of burnout. She assumes that it’s going to take so much work to go to the next level so she doesn’t even try.

Both are afraid that the hustle will make them masculine and both avoid taking the necessary action to make their businesses work. On top of it, they may be dealing with visibility fears and making quite a few excuses.

Here’s the true story about being a successful entrepreneur. First of all, it doesn’t matter who you’re following on Facebook and Instagram, I promise that anybody successful you’re watching brings an element of hustle to the table and came from a place of “no matter what.”

Now, it’s never all hustle -or- all flow. Actually, there’s a sweet spot somewhere in between. But you might not find it right away, and at times you might slip from it—in either direction. However the only way you stand a chance of finding it is to get yourself into both the mindset and the habit of doing whatever it takes to make your life happen no matter what.

It’s truly not enough to think, “If it’s meant for me, it’ll come to me. I just have to let it flow in.” Believe me, I haven’t created four multiple-seven-figure launches in the past four years just by journaling and meditating and reading Wallace D. Wattles. Has it been difficult? To be honest, some of those launches have been much easier than others and it wasn’t necessarily the earlier ones that took the most hustle, but overall, there has certainly been an element of challenge and effort to each one.

When it comes to realizing your creativity, keep this in mind. Now I’ve never given birth, but from speaking to many mothers and humans I do understand that everybody has a different birth story. Some pregnancies are more difficult than others, some births more challenging. And yet, I’ve never heard a mother say that the life she brought forward wasn’t worth it.

Whatever your business or your vision is, know that a certain amount of push is going to be required for what you imagine to grow in the world. And usually that push comes in the form of sales…the most dreaded word in the woman entrepreneur’s vocabulary.

It’s ironic that so many of us women avoid sales, because we are so naturally good at it. Think about it. How good are we at selling, “I don’t have the time” or “I don’t have the money”? Over the years I’ve seen how often an entrepreneur or team member doing sales will end up as the one being sold! The tendency is we’ll do a round of sales calls and hear “I don’t have the time” or “I don’t have money” enough that we fool ourselves into thinking no one has the time or money to even consider signing up for our programs—even though that’s not statistically possible!

At that point we may keep going through our list and pushing the call button, but in reality we’ve already given up. We never stop to ask, how can I make the sales I need happen? We’re not in the realm of solutions. We don’t get creative or resourceful, we just go through the motions. Meanwhile, we think to ourselves: “I’m working really hard. I’m doing the best that I can.”

I too, have told myself this story in the past. Here’s the thing: the only people who say “I’m doing the best that I can” are the ones who aren’t getting results. Nobody who’s successful is walking around thinking that. It’s essentially just something you say to avoid doing whatever it takes to achieve your goal.

Now you might be thinking “Whatever it takes? That’s too much pressure and too much stress. I’d rather just not make the money.” So I want to remind you of what I think is actually too much pressure and too much stress: not living a fulfilled life. The people who are living abundantly, being of service, creating their dreams and overcoming all odds? They’re not maxed out. They’re completely motivated and energized.

The people who are stressed meanwhile, are the ones who are struggling while letting themselves off the hook because they’re doing the best they can and working really hard. These people are not tapped into the realm of possibility (which is not even the realm of the miraculous). They’ve fallen into a scarcity mindset and decided it’s too hard, there aren’t enough people, there’s not enough money and it’s not going to happen.

I’ve come across this within my own sales team at times. When no one was booked for a day of discovery sessions with me “because it was the holidays and everyone was too busy,” I knew that was simply not true. I have a list of 120K and many more on social media, so certainly at least eight of them would have been available and interested to do a call with me.
I knew that if I had said, “There’s a $50K cash prize for whoever books eight calls with me,” I would have had 16 calls booked. There are certain incentives that flip the switch from impossible to possible, which just goes to show that the realm of possibility is always there if we choose to access it. To be a successful entrepreneur you have to have that switch flipped all the time. Ask yourself: what is it going to take for you to finally access your full potential and make something happen?

If you see now that your dreams are so much bigger and better than that hypothetical $50K cash prize, then here’s how to look for that sweet spot between hustle and flow. As you set your goals for this year, take time to look inward and determine what’s most important. Anything else needs to be crossed off the list—because going after something your soul doesn’t really want is how you get worn out. For anything that’s an absolute MUST, decide to do whatever it takes to go and make it happen. When you do, you’ll be so proud to discover what you’re truly capable of.


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