In With the New
Dropping the Status Quo for the Spectacular

Glenn and I were having so much fun in Miami that at one point, we started wondering if we might move here! We haven’t made any final decisions, but being in this exciting, energetic city really opened us up to thinking about where else life might take us.

Variety is after all, one of my top drivers in life and I know it’s a big one for many of you as well. As you set your goals for the year, I invite you all to join me in imagining what life might be like, if you could live anywhere, restructure anything and bring fresh new life into your business.

Let’s start with the kind of action it’s going to take for you to accomplish those goals. Our latest Gina MBA is here to take you through the mindset that will totally transform your sales game. If you’ve ever been convinced that “there’s not enough clients, money, or time” then read it now to learn what’s really missing from the equation.

Another important thing to consider when goal setting is that you have to identify your soul’s true desires. It takes courage to differentiate our MUSTs from our maybes, especially when we’re so susceptible to societal pressures. I was reflecting on this recently in response to a reader question about my choice to not have kids. Read this week’s One-on-One column for the full story of how I determined that motherhood was not for me.

Whatever you have planned for this year, do not forget to have fun! Hopefully our adventures in Miami will inspire you to include play on your list of intentions. This week we have plenty of reasons to fall in love with this city, from our guide to the iconic Little Havana neighborhood, to our latest Divine Finds inspired by the Magic City.

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