The Spiritual Meaning
of Easter


How this Holiday Inspires
My Faith in the Miraculous


This is the column where I talk about something you can’t easily see in the pages of Divine Living. Typically, I reflect on mishaps, struggles, or challenges, but this month’s topic is a little different, though no less intimate to me.

We’ve been talking a lot about Easter in this issue. We set the table and selected the menu for an elegant and festive brunch, and I couldn’t close out the topic without reflecting a bit on what this Holiday actually means to me on a spiritual level.

I was raised Christian, and I celebrated Easter in a traditional way every year. I’ve always had a close personal relationship with God, and continue to follow Christianity as part of my spiritual journey. I also believe that regardless of your personal religious identity, you can find beautiful, relevant spiritual teachings and stories across most religions.

This weekend as I celebrate Easter, my focus is on the miraculous. In life we all come across humbling circumstances. I think that most of us have been brought to our knees by life’s lessons, experiencing our own version of a crucifixion—whether that’s public criticism, a private family battle, or feeling like you’re failed yet again in love or business, or perhaps with your health or your finances.

The story of Jesus Christ’s resurrection symbolizes for us all that no matter the level of pain you experience, there is a chance to rise again. We all know that we get what we focus on, and Easter is an opportunity to focus on rebirth. It may take every ounce of energy and faith you can muster up to believe in the resurrection of your circumstances, and yet it’s something we all have the potential to do. We all seek the miraculous in some area of our lives and we probably all need a miracle. Today is about claiming that you deserve one.

Remember that The Course in Miracles does say that there is “no order of difficulty in miracles.” And it doesn’t matter how depressing or heavy your past has been—today is not that day. Let’s focus instead on the possibility of new life as we allow ourselves to rise again. There’s a power that’s in us but not of us that has more love to give and more life to live. So let the past be behind you, allow yourself to walk forward in the truth of light and love, and go out there and live your best life. It’s what you’re here for.

  All My Love,



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