3 Questions for Members of My Highest-Level
Mastermind, The Entrepreneur


The Entrepreneur is a really special program to me. As I grew my business beyond the 7-figure mark, I noticed there needed to be a space where chic women could support each other in going after their dreams unapologetically, in daring to be millionaires, in creating all of the impact you have at this level, plus being absolutely determined to live this one life to the fullest.

I decided to bring together an intimate group of women with a powerfully high-vibration. An exclusive group where no one would have to dim their light, because there was no more holding back. I knew how impactful this level of sisterhood would be, in not only growing a woman’s business, but in calling her to become a feminine leader on the world stage and create major impact.

As we get ready to kick off the Entrepreneur in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with our first of four global luxury retreats, this month I wanted to introduce you to some of the women who have dared to join me on this incredible journey. Last week you met Ariel Frey, and now I’m thrilled to introduce Mel Pharr, a passionate business coach who knows the sky’s the limit.


Mel Pharr



What inspired you to enroll in
the Entrepreneur?

2015 was the year that I really meant business. Working with Gina last year in her Divine Living Academy helped me build a multi-6-figure online coaching business and even have my first 6-figure month. From the very beginning, she’s the kind of coach who invites you to take full responsibility and turn into the business owner who creates what you want. I have grown so much as a coach, woman, and business owner in the past year and a half, that I simply feel it’d be silly to not continue with a coach who knows my business, believes in me, and creates the best coaching programs I’ve seen to date.

What’s currently lighting
you up as you go after your goals?

After working with Gina, I’ve never felt this confident in my ability to coach and coach well. I feel like I’ve created a business now that’s become so successful that it’s allowed me to think bigger and focus even more on how I can serve globally, in a way I never imagined possible. I always desired to work with someone who said the sky is the limit and Gina is that. So I feel like I’ve got a limitless playground, and I’ve seen how much can happen in such a short period of time. I’ve never believed in myself like I do now.

What did you have to transform
in yourself to be able to
dream this big?

The biggest switch I made was believing that if someone else could build a business that they loved, then I could too. I used to think it was for everyone else, and not me. I used to think that I was smart, and good at what I did, but not good enough to go for it on this level. I’ve totally changed that belief and don’t entertain it for a second anymore. I’ve also really got my business structures in place and honed so many of my skills as an online business coach through my work with Gina last year, so I’ve surprised myself with just how much I’ve been able to create, and on my terms, so that I love getting up everyday and doing what I do.

For more on Mel Pharr, visit: melissapharr


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The Entrepreneur INCLUDES:

Next-Level Leadership: Be advised by top financial experts on how to hire and work with a CFO, read P&Ls, and gracefully allocate funds.

All Things Live Events: Hosting, filing seats, negotiating hotel contracts, working with AV teams and all of the nuts-and-bolts planning you need to know.

Publicity & Publishing: Learn to work with PR and collaborate with brands you love to get your name and brand out there in a big way.

Support & Structure: Learn to hire an A-player team, develop yourself as a leader and empower your team to see your vision and support you in growing your company.

Create a Never Ending Stream of Ideal Clients: Implement advanced lead generation and online traffic development from our team who keeps up with the latest cutting-edge paid traffic strategies.

Create Multiple 6-Figure Product Launches: Learn Gina’s own step-by-step system for effectively, continuously, and uniquely bringing your vision into the world with BIG paydays.

Wealth Consciousness & Abundance Mastery: Prime your mind to receive ALL that the Universe has in store for you as you take continued inspired action throughout this program.


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