Welcome to Bali!

The island of Bali is of course known for its spiritual essence and as THE place to go when one needs to find herself. However, Bali isn’t just for the burned-out career woman who wants to quit her job, wear a sarong, and practice yoga in a hut. It’s a glorious destination for the stylish jet-setter as well.

During my visit to Bali, I was enchanted by the the perfect mix of adventure, serenity, luxury, and glamour. I found epic beaches and delicious food, sweet people, and hot hot weather—which I personally love! Believe it or not, this small island has all the fun things to do that keep a woman vibrant and alive in her spirit!

This week I’m so excited to share the fabulous lifestyle elements I discovered in Bali. Part of the reason why we women entrepreneurs start businesses in the first place is so we can travel, do our work from anywhere in the world, and enjoy life—which doesn’t mean working 24/7. So I always make sure that no matter where I’m traveling or what work needs to be accomplished, I’m always fitting in the Divine Living lifestyle, which keeps me revived, refreshed, and really happy about life.

I’m delighted to share with you everything from what to pack for Bali, to where to stay and dine, and even how to host your own private retreat—something I’m sure many of you may dream of doing! After crossing it off my own bucket list, I’ve found that I cannot wait to return to this true sanctuary of a place that has both a relaxed and luxurious atmosphere plus the space to experience solitude, tranquility, and further explore my spirituality.

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