Finding Spirituality in Europe’s Most
Spectacular Cathedral
Walking around Paris is always easy on the eyes. There’s
beauty everywhere you look. And while I enjoy the city for its many indulgent pleasures, I also appreciate the spiritual connection and stillness I find when I take a moment to stop and reflect.

gina-notre-dame.jpgIt’s hard to not be in a good mood when visiting Paris (unless you let that Parisian taxi driver get the best of you). However, when I’m soaking up the City of Lights in all of its grandeur, sometimes I think about my big desires and it can seem as though they’re out of reach. Can you relate?

I see fashion designers who are making billions doing what they love, I read about successful women flying in private jets, and I wish I too had created that level of success. I drool over 5k-a-night presidential suites and ponder about how grand it’d be to stay in one for a week. And puhleese don’t get me started on the level of participation I’d like to have with Rue St. Honore.

Sometimes I just wish for more. Sometimes I wonder what it’d be like to come from serious trust fund money. And sometimes the challenges of moving towards an 8-figure business get to me.

dame-quoteMy desires are not about keeping up with the Kardashians (I wish they were that shallow, they’d be easier to drop). My desires are true. I truly desire to experience the finer things in life at levels that are beyond where I’m currently living.

Sometimes it’s inspiring. Sometimes it’s depressing.Thank God for…God. When I’m having a “why can’t that be my life” moment in Paris, I always make time to come back to Notre Dame. It’s centering for me to have a spiritual connection in the heart of Paris and experience the high-vibrational beauty of this great Cathedral. In fact, it’s where I got the inspiration for my brand and logo—you might recognize the Cathedral’s iconic stained glass window in the Divine Living rosetta.

notre-dame-quoteSo when I need a bit of a renaissance in my life, I walk the gardens and gaze up at Notre Dame. Though it remains outstandingly beautiful to us today, when it was built its magnificence was truly revolutionary. It was one of the first buildings in Europe that went against the Medieval trend of dark and austere cathedrals, rising high into the sky, and featuring massive windows that illuminated the church like never before. Breaking with earlier Spiritual thinkers, the creators of Notre Dame understood that the visual environment, rather than being a distraction, could actually be a way to bring those within it closer to the Divine.

For me, getting closer to the Divine reminds me that my dreams do matter, and that in fact they are attainable. I’m also somehow reminded that where I am right now is perfect and that what I crave in life isn’t a no, it’s just a not yet.

Every city has its own Spiritual essence, and for me Notre Dame really captures that renaissance capability we all have inside of us to turn a darker time into something filled with life, hope, beauty and meaning. The grandeur, the celebration, and the upward motion of Notre Dame reminds me that we can all reach new heights with our desires and careers, and make our own lives an expression of Divine truth and beauty wherever we go.

So the next time you’re in Paris, stop by Notre Dame and allow yourself to create a renaissance in your own life with whatever desires you have. As you gaze up at the incredible vaulted ceilings, let yourself be reminded that truly all things are possible.

Notre Dame de Paris is one of the finest and most iconic Gothic buildings in the world. This Catholic cathedral named “Our Lady” in honor of the Virgin Mary took 200 years to build and has lasted 600 more.

Once the tallest building in Paris, Notre Dame reaches higher than the Great Pyramids, is heavier than the Empire State Building, and has enough space to hold 9,000 people—lending itself well to major events like Napoleon’s coronation.




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