My Irish Client Grace Kelly Shares How She Healed
Generations of Old Money Wounds and Embraced
Abundant Thinking

grace-kelly-1Imet Grace Kelly in London the same week she quit her 9-5 job as a French teacher. After 6 years in the classroom, she told me she was feeling burnt out from doing a job she was good at but didn’t really love. She craved a new way of being of service, one that inspired her passion, enriched her experience, and empowered her to have a major impact.

“I was determined to find a better style of living and working,” Grace explains. So she left London, moving to Italy with her partner in search of something more. She had aspirations to be an entrepreneur, and stayed connected to the Divine Living community through my radio show.

Initially, she struggled to establish her business and her brand. “During that first year in Italy, I became increasingly dependent on my partner. Not having my own money meant that I always felt disempowered, so much so that our relationship began to suffer.”

If you’ve been there, you can probably relate. Grace may have gotten closer to the lifestyle she craved in Italy, but it was incomplete. Women like us aren’t interested in just lounging poolside while a man picks up the bill. We want to do good work in the world and create our own wealth so that we can be in service at a high level.

When you’re stuck in neutral, the Universe will eventually move you into action so that you can live out your purpose. For Grace, denying her desires and ambitions was costing her love life.

grace-kelly-2“I found myself in one of the worst fights in the history of my relationship, and I realized the situation couldn’t go on any longer. I knew there was only one woman on the planet who could help me turn this around, so right there and then I contacted Gina.”

Grace knew she needed to be independent to really shine and thrive in her life and relationship. The big challenge? An old money story passed down over generations that carried with it many limiting beliefs. Grace called me up and we started to do the coaching work to chip away at it.

“I’m Irish, and I started to better understand the culture I was raised in. The Irish have long suffered the feast or famine scenario when it comes to money, so I had been taught a lot of ideas inspired by that struggle.”

Grace was initially concerned that she couldn’t afford to enroll in a mentoring and coaching program that would support her in creating her dream life. However what I know for sure, as Grace now knows too, is that where there is a true desire, there is always a way.

Grace remembered a credit card she had been issued as a school teacher that she had never used. “Credit cards were a big no no in my culture,” she explains. “I feared that I’d get into debt and worst of all, that my Irish parents would find out I was using a credit card and be horrified.”

grace-kelly-3She pushed aside her fear and enrolled first in a private one day intensive with me, and then later in my signature program, The Divine Living Academy and Business of Coaching. Once she took the risk to invest in herself, her money wounds began to heal. “I promised myself I’d make the money back in 30 days, and sure enough within 30 days I’d made my first 24K!”

As she continued to follow her desires, the money flowed in. “Later when I was already making at least 20K monthly using the structures Gina taught me, I found myself in Sydney, wanting to stay for another month before heading to the USA. I knew this would require a big leap in cash, but I decided to say yes to myself and implement what I’d learned to support my desire. I had my highest paid month yet, making a total of 63K!”

Grace learned to trust her own inner voice and transformed the money story she grew up with. She fulfilled her dream of another month in Sydney, and then went on to stay at gorgeous hotels in the USA for a full month. Not only did she experience a total financial transformation, she healed and strengthened her relationship with her partner, and today they are 8 years strong.

Working smarter, not harder, traveling the world with her love, and enjoying a meaningful career, Grace is fully enjoying the Divine Living lifestyle. Through her business, CityGirl Confidence, she gets to work with fab women in cities from LA to Rome, helping them discover their message and transform their lives. And it all comes with a sense of peace knowing she can rely on herself no matter what.

“‘Just enough money’ is a thing of the past for me.” Grace recently shared with confidence. “As for the future, right now I’m creating my first 6 figure program that will incorporate even more of what I love into my business. Plus, 2016 will see the CityGirl brand hosting events Stateside and spending part of the year in LA!”

Go Grace go! I’m proud and delighted to see another Divine Living woman entrepreneur blossoming personally and professionally! Read on for Grace’s top tips on how to start transforming your money story today.

Learn More About Grace by Visiting Her Website: citygirlconfidence.

Grace’s Top Three Tips For Transforming Your Money Story


Adopt a Different Heritage
It doesn’t matter your heritage, your family’s history or your culture’s blueprint around money, you have the opportunity to change that for all the generations to come. I found it really helpful in the beginning to adopt a different heritage from my own. Using a more wealthy heritage as my icon or “money model,” I began to associate myself with their money story, so I could no longer fall back on excuses like: “No one in my family has ever done this,” or “This is as much as I can expect, people from my town don’t go any further,” or “The recession is on and the economy at home is down.” I encourage you to consider what wealthy city, town, or nation inspires you, and adopt it as your own as you work to transform your story.

Don’t Overthink It
As I began to up-level financially it occurred to me that all the drama I was making about money and prices was just in my head. Ultimately money on its own was not the issue, my thinking about money was! When you consider that for some people a small amount of money is £10, but for others a small amount is £1000, and still others a small amount is a million, you start to realize that we all have different perceptions of money. As I worked on my own story and pricing with Gina I kept this in mind and successfully began to sell higher priced programs regularly, no longer overthinking it, I could release the drama and simply charge the number. So remember don’t overthink it, it’s really just a numbers game!

Choose Your Style and Your Work Days of the Week
Making money really does get easier once you start to implement regular marketing structures! I’m very creative and hate anything that feels like “work,” so I knew that if I was really going to create consistency with money, I needed a fun and stylish way to market my services, one that didn’t feel like hard work. I chose specific ways to market using fun things I enjoy doing, and I send those materials out on specific days of the week, never changing those days. In doing so, it has become second nature to me to simply do that marketing on that day. Now if I don’t do it, it feels weird, like I’m missing something on the day, like I haven’t eaten! If you suffer with too many ideas, creative overload and/or are prone to inconsistent effort, I encourage you to be very strict about choosing one or two marketing mediums that you regularly do and send them out on the same day weekly—it’ll literally transform your money story and your bank account.


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