The Spirit of Paris
Finding Your Center in the City of Lights

What is it that has us all dreaming of Paris?

When it comes to Divine Living women like us, you might say we’re drawn by the city’s stately boulevards lined with Haussmann style apartments, or its splendid cobble-stone streets filled with precious cafés and flower shops. Maybe it’s the enormous beauty of the Eiffel Tower, or the elegant fashion that can be seen on everyone: the young lovers kissing on the street corner, the elderly man carrying a baguette in that singularly Parisian kind-of-way.

There’s an irresistible energy you feel, whether you’re strolling along the seine nibbling on a Laudurée macaroon, shopping in the 7th for the most memorable pair of shoes, or sitting down for the perfect café crème at Café de Flore (hoping to spot Karl Lagerfeld, as one does).

Now you know how I do Paris in a nutshell! This week, I’m giving you a closer look at why the city is actually deeply meaningful to me, sharing the elements of Paris that speak to me as a feminine and spiritual woman entrepreneur. It’s all about where spirit and style mingle, from the majestic beauty of the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, to the sumptuous French culinary tradition that nurtures the soul, deepens the taste for life and adds to my curves!

You’ll find that French cuisine, style and culture has a lot to offer the woman who loves to host a dinner party—as I know many of us do! So I’m delighted to introduce you to someone very special, celebrated food writer and chef Susan Loomis, who is the proprietor of my favorite cooking school just outside of Paris. I had the most fabulous time cooking with Susan in her French country kitchen and recently discovered a bit more about how she built her business and life.

No matter how you choose to experience it, Paris is always a good idea. If you’re like me, then your ideal day might involve a walk through the Grand Palais Gardens wearing a new Courreges dress followed by a fabulous dinner at Taillevent with your love. For many, it might also look like an architectural tour, a trip to the Musée D’Orsay, and a languid bike ride to a charming brasserie. The city is overflowing with inspiration to suit your style, taste, and curiosity. May the dreamy side of Paris nourish your soul this week as we explore it together.

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