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The social media scene is ever changing, and I’ll be the first to admit it isn’t always easy to keep up! Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn—and who knows what else, most of us women entrepreneurs already have our hands full building followings and curating content. So to be honest, when I first heard that there was yet another platform I needed to be on, I was not inspired.

periscope-logoHowever, as soon as I experienced Periscope I quickly became a dedicated convert. This fun new app allows you to broadcast a live video from your smart phone, giving your followers an intimate and authentic peak into your world. As you broadcast, you can see how many people are tuning into your feed, and you’ll receive little animated hearts they send you—like a digital version of applause or snaps to show people are vibing with your message.

periscope-quoteI’ve always felt great connecting with my audience through video, but even better than producing something for Vimeo or Youtube, I love that Periscope is live, unedited, and interactive. Periscopers aren’t looking for high-production quality, but something closer to real life.

I find it allows for a deeper level of connection to just be honest and off-the-cuff. When I do a broadcast, I don’t feel like I have to have my hair and make-up done, or be perfectly and professionally lit. While I might search for the best spot in the room for that effortless diva glow, it really is gina-periscopejust about being who I am, wherever I am, with my people.

Women entrepreneurs like us created our businesses in the first place because we care about people and want to be of service to them. So if there’s something that allows us to connect with our audience, brighten their day, share advice, education, or even entertainment, then why wouldn’t we? For me, Periscope truly is the #newnecessity of the social media world, being the best new way to reach people on an authentic, genuine, and fun level.


periscope-icon The first thing to do after creating your account? Follow people you love, and any brands and celebs you admire and enjoy!
periscope-icon Go into your application settings and turn on your notifications so your phone lets you know when people you follow are scoping.
periscope-icon If you’re available when a broadcast goes live, tune in! If you like what you see, be sure to send lots of hearts.
periscope-icon Before you do a broadcast, turn off your location settings so people can’t tell exactly where you are.
periscope-icon Make sure your broadcast has a compelling, specific title that alludes to what you’ll be speaking on. For example, “The Top 3 Ways I Call in New Clients” is a lot more intriguing than “Fun Friday.”


I hope you’ll join me in this inspiring new community. Download Periscope on the App Store or get it on Google play and follow me @divinelivingmag

I’ll be sharing all my favorite tips, meditations and advice, plus lots of behind the scenes moments from my travels, live events and of course, from our fabulous magazine shoots in dreamy locations around the globe. Don’t miss a moment of Divine Living!

Gina DeVeee




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