Bikini Ready or Bust?


The Challenging Truth About
Getting in Shape

I opened this issue with a big declaration: that I was ready to get more fit than I’ve ever been in my life.

It’s not untrue. I am ready and totally motivated to transform my health in a major way. However six weeks into this journey, I’m humbled to admit that my progress hasn’t been as speedy as I expected.

I pride myself on being a woman who goes for what she desires and manifests it. I’m excited about my ability to accomplish my goals and bring my dreams to life, but I also recognize that some manifestations come a little bit quicker than others. Sometimes it’s one step forward and three steps to the side, so going for it looks more like a zig zag then a straight shot to success—and that’s okay.

When it comes to getting in shape this season, I have every excuse in the book as to why I haven’t gone for it more. I’ve literally made more advancements in starting an airline than I have in getting bikini-ready!

I’ve been traveling, hosting all-day retreats and participating in mastermind programs, on-boarding new team members and starting my days with hair and make-up at 5am—there has been so much fun stuff going on. So honestly, it’s been a challenge to establish the routines that have me on my Peloton bike every day.

What I’ve realized is that handling all of the components of my health, from the food I eat to my workout regimen, requires a full system of support. When I’m at home in Santa Barbara and working from the office, it’s easy to get into my groove and have my assistant provide all the right foods so I don’t have to think about it.

However when I don’t have those solid systems in place, my default mode is not to wake up and say: “What healthy quinoa bowl shall I make for breakfast this morning?” I have different things on my mind and my instinct is to grab a cup of coffee and jump into my day. And after a long and intense day at work I’m not trying to roll up my sleeves and roast some vegetables…I’m thinking I’ll go out to dinner with Glenn or friends and order a delicious bowl of pasta!

I really went into this month feeling like, “I’m strong, I’m determined, I can do this.” What I discovered is that no matter how powerful and capable I am, what I truly craved was a mentor who could put all of the pieces together into a full system that would guide me through the process. (After all, it’s why I created the Academy as a comprehensive system to help women up-level every aspect of their business and lifestyles—so they’d have a mentor leading them step-by-step.)

Now closing out the April issue, I’m thrilled to keep moving on this journey. Do I wish I had some jaw-dropping before-and-after picture to show you all? Yes, but even while the progress I’ve made is not quite so obvious I’m still proud of where I’m at and where I’m going. We all have different challenges along our paths, the important thing is that we don’t give up on our dreams. Bikini ready or not, I still plan to zig and zag all the way to the beach this summer.

  All My Love,



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