Let the Story of Las Vegas
Remind You That Each Area of
Your Life, even if it Feels
Empty, is Actually
Overflowing with Potential



THE FIRST TIME I visited Las Vegas, I remember feeling very in tune with its essence as a wonderland of possibility. How incredible to think, something that was once a barren desert is now a metropolis of fun, fashion, food and fortune!

A trip to this vibrant and playful city is always a good reminder for me that it really is possible to create something out of nothing. It took a long string of visionaries to build this city: people who saw beyond what was there to what could be.

old-vegasIt took Herbert Hoover’s vision of building a dam on the Colorado River nearby, creating thousands of jobs to alleviate the depression, and bringing new economic energy into this barren part of the West. It took the Nevada State Legislature’s bold decision to legalize gambling and create a source of income for their community in entertainment and hospitality. And it took the generations of entrepreneurs who built the strip, always striving for a
new level of luxury and the most innovative of experiences.

Let’s not be naïve, we all know that it was mostly mobsters who built the glamorous casinos of the rat-pack era and paved the way for today’s new wave of mega-resorts, and yet, I can definitely learn from and be
inspired by their “something-out-of-nothing” mentality.

The empty Vegas valley, long little more than a place to refuel on the way to LA, was transformed by a series of decisions to not play it safe, to instead go beyond the rules and the limits. It’s thanks to those visionary decisions that the world now has this fantastical place for people from so many walks of life to enjoy.

When I think about this idea of Vegas being a “something-out-of-nothing,” I remember that we tend to give the idea of “nothing” too much power. Creating something-out-of-nothing sounds like a massive feat, but really there is no greater something than our own dreams, desires, and visions.

As creative women entrepreneurs, we too have the ability bend the rules, push our limits, and build something big where we once had nothing at all.

I’m still humbled and amazed to remember how barren and empty my life was about 10 years ago. My bank account was in the negative, I had just moved to Los Angeles, and had few friends and even fewer clients. I didn’t have a brand, a following or even a website, let alone a luxury magazine and international speaking opportunities. But one thing I did have was a clear vision of my dream life.

vegas-quoteThink about the parts of your life that maybe feel like “nothing.” Most of us have been there—the empty savings account, the blank social schedule. Maybe you’ve been stuck in solo-preneur mode and struggle to imagine making your first hire, let alone building your dream team. Or perhaps you feel you have nothing to wear in your closet, and your lifestyle looks nothing like your true tastes and desires. Or, maybe you’re still working as an employee somewhere, and starting your own business seems wildly out of reach.

Well I’m here to remind you that any area of your life that feels empty or lacking is actually fertile ground for transformation. A blank slate, a barren desert, is the best place to create something extraordinary. With no rules or patterns in place, you can start fresh and create anything you desire.

vegas-postcardIt may seem overwhelming, but beginning can be simple and fun. Without limiting your mind, dare to imagine your greatest vision for yourself in the area you’d most like to transform: your business, lifestyle, health, personal life or love life. Get really specific, and allow yourself to dream BIG.

Do you crave enjoying more high-end dining experiences and events with friends or loved ones? How many times per month? Journal out your ideal social life, listing all of the things you desire to experience with interesting people who are up to big things in the world, from the travel destinations you’d venture to, to the charities you’d support, to the new up-leveled business connections you’d make and the massive impact you’d have.

If it’s your bank account that’s feeling empty, get specific about how much you need in there to achieve your dreams! Same goes for hiring your team—think about the tasks and projects you do now that do not excite you, and imagine the ideal person who can complete them for you. How much would you pay them, and how much money do you need to bring in to delegate at this level either in your personal or professional life. Write it down.

As far as your lifestyle, don’t be held back by where you’re at now, what you’re wearing or where you’re living. Think about your dream life—the wardrobe, the travel, the home. Create your vision board, and make it an exquisite reflection of you. Think about how much money you’ll need to fulfill your desires, and get comfortable with knowing that if it’s true for you, it’s meant for you.

sinatraFor your health, don’t think about numbers or calorie counts—focus on how you desire to feel each day. What you are committed to accomplishing and what kind of person you are determined to be. Think capable, energetic, vibrant, glowing, and the best possible version of you. Be the woman who is magnetic and confident in her body and life. Imagine yourself as this person, and start realizing that deep inside, you already are this person right now.

As you start to define what kind of life you’re looking to design in clear terms, allow that energy to shape your vision and your actions. Meditate or journal around your visions daily so that you become deeply connected to what you desire to create.

Suddenly what was nothing has taken an energetic form in your spirit and body. As you become deeply committed to manifesting that which once seemed impossible, you will find your dreams beginning to take shape. The first place to turn nothing into something is after all, in your own mind and heart. Once you have control of that, you can create anything you imagine.


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