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Some of the best aspects of 2015 happen this month.

Jupiter leaves playful Leo for fastidious Virgo on August 11th. For the next year while Jupiter travels through Virgo, devotion to a higher purpose elevates the planet. So get ready to anchor into your deeper “why” when it comes to your work. Service-driven business missions become even more chic.

Mid-month the Leo new moon asks us to look hard and fast at the structures in our life (Saturn in Scorpio will square this new moon). However, this positive new moon invites us to initiate changes and charge forward. As the month wraps up we have another auspicious occasion—the luckiest day of the year—when the sun and Jupiter align in the sign of Virgo on the 26th. No matter your sign, use this day to your advantage! Then on the 29th, the full moon in Pisces beckons us to get in touch with our creativity and spirituality.

Seriously, August brings a slew of positive aspects. Soak up the metaphorical sun and allow it to deepen your intentions to make a positive impact on the planet.

The biggest caveat this month though comes from Venus. As the planet of love and beauty takes her retrograde spin, (Venus is retrograde until September 6th) hold off on making any radical changes to your brand or your physical appearance for now. Rather than adjusting your look, look within and connect to your desires instead. You’ll have plenty of time to execute on changes later in the fall.

See your sun sign horoscope below, and if you know your rising sign be sure to read that too!

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After so much challenge in recent months, August finally eases the pressure. Deep sigh. With the sun, good luck Jupiter and loving Venus all hovering in your house of creativity (Mars, too, joins the party on August 8th) the month kicks your entrepreneurial ingenuity into full strength. Open your mind and let the positive ideas flow. The new moon on August 14th (even with its awkward angle to austere Saturn) supports your breakthrough—so set new moon intentions accordingly. Circle the 26th – happy Jupiter will be at the same angle as the sun in Virgo —asking you to align your day-to-day life with your highest intentions. The Pisces full moon at the end of the month urges you to tune into your intuition and trust your gut as you proceed. Whoo. Things should start to feel easier.
Hold on tight, your ruler Venus—the planet of love and beauty—continues her retrograde spin. Between now and September your truth calls you inward, asking you to evaluate what you want. The good news is stalwart Saturn in Scorpio finally goes direct on August 1st, wrapping up a long story that likely put pressure on you over the course of the last three years. The new moon on August 14th asks you to situate your home and foundation so you can rise to a new level of success. The full moon on the 29th of August urges you to get social on behalf of your biz. Post, pin, instagram and party as the month closes out—you never know the opportunities you can attract now. Don’t hold back—move forward fearlessly.
Yeah baby, this month looks good. August kicks off with a focus on communication. With a handful of potent planets hanging out in your expressive third house, the first half of the month you are primed to articulate and influence—one of your natural strengths. Your ruler, Mercury, moves into detail-oriented Virgo on August 7th so you may find yourself a tad pickier than normal; however, use this fastidious energy to your advantage. Then, as the month moves forward, good luck Jupiter joins the Virgo Party (August 11th) where he takes residence for the next year in your 4th house of home. If you need to expand your home to accommodate your growing business, mid-month opens new opportunities to do so. The full moon on August 29th in watery Pisces pushes you into the public. Step into the spotlight!
The stars align for you to increase revenue. With the Sun in Leo lighting up your 2nd house of earned income shoot for the moon when it comes to money. If you need to raise your prices, execute a launch, even hire a professional to oversee your finances and profit margins, the two weeks following the positive Leo new moon on August 14th pave the way to do so. There’s one caveat though. Masculine Mars leaves your sign, and makes his way into your second house of money. The expanded potential to make more money might cause expenses to climb too. But don’t worry—as the month continues, so does the auspicious energy. Mid-month, the Sun and Venus make a supportive connection to Uranus (the planet of breakthrough) in your house of professional success. This looks good.
Happy birthday, Leo. For the last year, you’ve hosted the most beneficial planet in the solar system, Jupiter, in your sign, an aspect I am confident you benefitted from. You continue to have the support of this planet until August 11th. Push to get important projects out the door before Jupiter moves on to Virgo then. Even with Venus retrograde in your sign, you can still get a lot done. The August 14th new moon in Leo supports you exceptionally well. Set strong intentions and charge forward in exact alignment with your desires. As the month comes to a close, it does so with a full moon in Pisces your eighth house of money from others. This Pisces full moon might feel sexy too. If so, unleash your inner vixen, and your creative powers will increase.
OMG Virgo, get ready. August brings a fresh start for you. This landmark month commands massive momentum (even with Venus retrograde). Are you prepared to be of service in your most sincere capacity? I hope so because the universe needs you, and the stars are aligned for you to shine. For the next year, you are primed to rise like a star. We just have to wait for August 11th for you to feel this momentum shift. The Leo new moon on August 14th urges you to take sometime alone to recharge; and, by August 26th you should feel the positive momentum calling you forward. On this day, the Sun will be conjunct in your first house of identity. Put together a plan for what you want to accomplish this next year. Destiny beckons you forward. This is big! You are the VIP of the zodiac until September 2016.
This month your ruler Venus continues her retrograde spin, slowing down your ability to make progress. Don’t worry, the upside is that you can finally afford to be a little bit selfish and consider what you want before you proceed. (You need to do this more, Libra!) On August 14th, the new moon in Leo opens doorways to calling forth your hopes and dreams. This auspicious new moon requires you to solidify your vision and supports you in creating your truest heart’s desires. Pay attention to what occurs on or around the 19th when ruling Venus trines change-making Uranus. Auspicious breakthrough awaits you Libra. Then the Pisces full moon on August 29th asks you to elevate your day-to-day life, and take a look at the systems in place that support your business. You need to delegate and build your team.
Hallelujah Scorpio, Saturn, the planet of work and structure, is finally direct and getting ready to leave your sign. You are so close to passing a major celestial test. Now is the time to stay focused when it comes to work. With Saturn leaving your sign for good next month on September 17th, you are wrapping up this game-changing chapter. So get ready! The new moon on August 14th wants you to make strides in your career—plant positive professional seeds between the 14th and Pisces full moon on the 29th. This is the time to go for your dream. Jupiter moves from the public 10th house of your chart into the 11th, famously known for elevating your hopes and desires. Honestly, you are supported. You deserve it.
Wow, your career is about to expand. Get ready! The universe is priming you for your next level of responsibility. With Saturn moving back into your sign in September, August elevates you. Beneficial Jupiter (your ruler) moves into Virgo on August 11th, perfectly aligning with your mid-heaven— your chart’s career line. The new moon on August 14th brings with it a potential publishing opportunity while the full moon on the 29th wants to you make sure your foundation and home life are truly supporting your greatest professional potential. Circle August 26th on your calendar too. Jupiter will perfectly align with the sun this day, and opportunity opens. The winds are changing for you, freedom-seeking Sag. Get serious and take advantage. You are stepping into your next level of authority.
August brings your attention to money—particularly money that you earn through the services you provide. Venus, Mars, the sun, and Jupiter will transit your 8th house elevating your capacity to earn. Even with Venus retrograde you should be able to conjure finances this month—assuming that’s where you place your attention. The new moon on the 14th catalyzes your earning potential, and the two weeks after are prime to initiate, launch and lead. Use the August 29th full moon in Pisces to focus your attention on your writing and communications strategy. In other news, your ruler, Saturn is finally going direct and should up the ante on your ability to make things happen! Charge forward, Capricorn.
Late last month your ruler, Uranus, entered its retrograde cycle. No need to fret however, August promises to open opportunity for you regardless. With so much action happening in the fire sign Leo, you benefit awesomely. Ruling Uranus makes blissful trines to the sun, Venus, and new moon. August 13th and 14th bring positive momentum for you, as the Leo new moon supports you nicely. Then on the 19th with Uranus trining Venus keep on the look out for a breakthrough idea or a maybe even a killer contract. The Pisces full moon at the end of the month, August 29th, bodes well for you financially. Use it to discern where you can handle money more efficiently and cut the fat. It’s not always about how you make, but rather how much you keep. This full moon wants you to get clear on your numbers.
August kicks off as Mercury, the planet of communication, makes a positive trine to Uranus in your house of earned income. You are well positioned for creative breakthroughs with money, even as abundant Jupiter makes a challenging angle to serious Saturn. August brings a sense of urgency to develop your team and delegate. The new moon on August 14th in Leo helps you with this. Next month when Saturn moves into Sag serious opportunities in work become possible. So this month prepare—you are entering a whole new 2+ year cycle meant to build your notoriety through your profession. Focus on delegating and developing your team so you have more energy to stay creative. The month ends with a beautiful full moon in Pisces—a crown jewel moment for you. Have fun and let your creativity lead you forward.

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