Iconic Vegas
Drawing Inspiration from the City that Knows Wow-Factor

After last month’s spiritual (yet glam) journey through Bali, you may have been a bit surprised to see this month’s cover. Las Vegas is a 180 from Ubud, yes, but believe it or not, for me it is yet another destination that can be very Divine Living!

People may not know this about me, but I am actually a huge Vegas fan! I go at least once a year. I used to spend my birthday there, and it’s since become mine and Glenn’s favorite New Year’s destination.

Vegas is many things to many people and the truth is that you get to have your own experience of this city, and there is something for everyone. Whether you’re with the kids, on a romantic getaway, or having a girls’ weekend, there’s so much fun and adventure to be found! Personally, I love the elegant dining, opulent hotels and spas, fantastical environments, luxury shopping—and the unapologetic extravagance of it all!

Did I mention the food? There are so many divine dining experiences to be enjoyed in Vegas. I have a deep reverence for all the celebrity chefs who have taken the scene to such a high level, and can’t wait to introduce you to one later this month (hint hint: she’s the only woman with a restaurant on the strip).

If there was ever a place that knew wow-factor, Vegas is IT. Beyond all of the fab lifestyle elements, this week I’m going to be digging into that iconic, visionary essence that is really inspiring about this anything-goes city. We’ll be talking about the power of taking risks and the need for course correcting along the way—just as Vegas did in its long, winding history to becoming a booming global destination.

As natural rebels and risk-takers, there is much we women entrepreneurs can draw from this exciting place that never apologizes for having too much fun. I cannot wait to show you this city in true Divine Living style. Enjoy!

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