erika-1“I‘ve always dreamed big from the time I was a little girl. I did everything ‘right,’ got good grades, learned how to budget, landed the internship. But it always felt so limiting and deep down I knew more was possible for me.”

My client Erika Sheffer had the kind of money story you hear a lot. Like so many women, she had been taught the “right” ways to do things. Growing up in a blue-collar part of Pennsylvania—not so different from my own Detroit upbringing—it had been modeled for her that if you work really, really hard, keep your head down and follow all the rules, eventually, maybe, you can earn a decent living.

After graduating with a degree in fashion and minors in Spanish and business, Erika started hustling just as she’d been taught to do. It reminded me of myself when she told me about waiting tables 5 nights a week while working a full time job—I too once thought that’s just what you had to do as a young woman getting started in life.

Despite having done everything right, it was clear there was a bit of a rebel in Erika—that entrepreneurial spirit that drives us to take risks.

Waiting tables by night, by day Erika worked on the fashion events start-up she co-founded. She was hosting glamorous parties with industry VIPs at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and yet life just did not look how she imagined.

erika-2“I was notorious for being the Burn Out Queen.” Erika confessed recently. “I had two speeds, 0mph and 100mph. I used to believe that if you really wanted to make it, it was going to take a lot of sacrifice. I would work like that for a time and then totally crash. It was a lot of stop and go.” 

Still 50k in debt, totally broke and overwhelmed, Erika was starting to lose faith in those big dreams she had as a little girl. She tried many different ventures, from paleo cookies to starting a CrossFit gym in her garage—but nothing stuck. She started to think she might have to take a corporate job to create the lifestyle she envisioned for herself, but she knew that wasn’t going to make her happy. “The idea of working for someone else felt like a prison sentence. It made me physically sick just thinking about it.”

Luckily, one day on Facebook, Erika followed a link posted by a friend, and that is how she found the Divine Living community. She soon discovered all of the super cool, independent and
erica-3fabulous women entrepreneurs that showed her a new way to do life, speaking to her desire for travel, freedom, abundance and impact.

She decided to take action and start investing in herself right away. She signed up for The Academy Business & Coaching Certification and surrounded herself with successful and positive women just like her.

“After working with Gina, my money mindset has completely transformed. Five-figure months are my #newnormal and guess what? I’m not burnt out. Actually, quite the opposite. I sleep 8 hours a night, workout daily, and have time for loved ones.” I could not be more proud!

Having just completed her Divine Living Coaching Certification, Erika is well on her way to mastering the Divine Living lifestyle and creating her fullest life! She’s turned her previous yearly income into her monthly income, earning a total of $31,195 in June 2015!

Erika knows, as I know, that this huge success is just the beginning of her journey to building an iconic life. Whatever point you’re at in your own transformation, enjoy Erika’s unique point of view on what practices have turned her story from one of hustle and overwhelm to one of effortless abundance! Check out the 3 things that helped Erika transform her money story below.

Learn More About Erika by Visiting Her Website:

1. Never Apologize for Who You Are!
Once I became really unapologetic about who I authentically am as a woman, my business exploded. When you are true to yourself, you become totally aligned with your business, and that’s when the money flows. Ask yourself, “How can I be more authentically me today?” Go be YOU! No apologies needed.

2. Stay Focused on What You Have to Offer
It’s easy to look around at what everyone else is doing, but if you let that be your focus, it will put you into analysis paralysis, and leave you dead broke! Focus on your own thing, on what’s inspiring you, and put that out into the world. Ultimately, that’s how you’re going to truly stand out in your industry, attract dream clients and become an influencer.

3. Wealth is a Muscle. Work it girl!
Just like working out, you have to work your wealth consciousness regularly. Working with Gina has taught me that creating a strong money mindset is about constant and never-ending improvement. Doing the wealth consciousness work allows for continuous expansion in your life and business. Something we all want, right? Pick up my favorite wealth consciousness books and read for at least 30 minutes a day: Think & Grow Rich, The Law of Divine Compensation & The Science of Getting Rich.



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