Yes, even for me, transforming my own money story is an on-going process. Every single day I express my gratitude for the financial abundance and support that allows me to live my purpose. And I also remember that there’s always my next level of creativity, expression, and impact.

It’s fairly common to see women entrepreneurs in our community striving for 6 or 7 figures. What’s more rare is to find women like us discussing what it takes to have 8—or even 9 figure businesses!

When I had just hit my first 7-figure goal, I was proud of that accomplishment. For most of my life, I had been used to making a $24-50k annual salary. In that context, a million dollars a year seemed like the destination.

Then, I started to say yes to my desires, and travel to the high-vibrational destinations that light me up. Quickly I realized that there are even bigger experiences available to us today that create a greater contribution to the world as well as personal enjoyment.

When you go shopping in Europe you see it all the time—the $7k dress, the $15k leather jacket, the $3k pair of shoes (and of course it’s in euros). You start looking at hotels and you notice the $8k a night presidential suite. Or you desire to rent a yacht and it’s $500k a week. And don’t even get me started on private jets.

For those of us with 7-figure businesses, all of these price tags can seem a bit out of reach. I remember one shopping day in Rome, I was in Dolce e Gabbana Baby, looking for gifts to bring home to my nieces and nephews. Holding an adorable little dress for a two-year old, marked down 75% and still carrying a $150 tag, it struck me: have those of us who hit 7-figures become the new Middle Class Millionaires?

As I traveled throughout the Mediterranean, I saw that there is luxury and there is LUXURY, and not just behind closed doors at private trunk show or crown jewel auctions. For a whole bunch of people, these prices are normal.


You might be thinking: “Who are these people?”

Well, I know enough to know that they aren’t better than us. They aren’t more educated than us—how could they be? Most of us have at least an undergraduate degree if not also a Master’s or Doctorate. They’re not smarter than us—but they are definitely doing something different than us. Thinking in a different way, using their time in a different way, and living with a different expectation out of life.

Of course I’m not naive to the oil sheiks and trust fund babies that contribute to this level of exchange. However I do believe in the American Dream, and I know that half of the people venturing around the Mediterranean on yachts wearing eight thousand dollar outfits came from very humble beginnings, and somehow figured out how to do life differently.
This got me thinking: If we are these soulful, conscious, passionate, smart, educated, hard-working women, why are we working so hard to get to 6 figures or even 7 figures? Consider all of the amazing companies out there, many of them even women-owned, worth 10 million, 15 million, 250 million or even a billion!

It astounded me that my thinking had ever been so small. More than being about luxury or opulence, money is a form of energy that allows us to access our human potential.

So making a billion dollars isn’t just about personal accumulation or shopping. At the deepest level, what we’re truly interested in is doing big things in the world, problem-solving at the highest level, effecting lives and contributing to positive change.

I recently read a quote from Jessica Alba just as she took Honest Company past the billion dollar mark: “”If we really want to make a difference in the world and people’s health, it’s billions and billions of dollars, not just one.” Alba is right on in joining big-thinking women billionaires like Oprah, Sarah Blakely of Spanx, and Tori Burch. These are global power players, multi-billionaires who are highly active in philanthropy, fund their own foundations, and show continuous commitment to building a better world.

We all have the potential to live our fullest most expansive lives and create change on a massive scale, so why would there be any limits to what we might create or how wealthy we might become?

So by all means—go for the 6-figures, go for the 7-figures. Reach your Goal. But remember: there is no limit to how good your life can get. You’re just as smart and powerful as any billionaire out there, so allow yourself to think big.



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